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Maxxie Oliver

Maxwell "Maxxie" Oliver is a fictional character in the British television series Skins. He is portrayed by actor Mitch Hewer. Maxxie is portrayed as proficient including tap dance, he is shown as being a brilliant artist, well-liked and well-adjusted. He is hinted to having many promiscuous relationships throughout the series, he is somewhat of a comedian with best friends Anwar Kharral and Chris Miles. According to a Myspace-style "about me" section on the Skins website, he describes his favorite things as toast, dancing, Arcade Fire and the Sistine Chapel, he wants to meet Johnny Depp, Nigel Reo-Coker and Ron from Harry Potter. Like Anwar, Maxxie does not have an episode name to himself, instead being the centric character in "Maxxie & Anwar" and "Tony & Maxxie". Although the episode "Sketch" involves him, as it is about his stalker. In "Tony", he convinces Anwar and Chris to join him on a "big gay night out", but goes to Abigail Stock's party after the night out wasn't what was expected. In "Maxxie and Anwar", on a school trip to Russia and his best mate Anwar face issues regarding their status as best friends, with Anwar's faith condemning homosexuality.

Maxxie indicates he views Anwar as homophobic and hypocritical – as a Muslim, Anwar dislikes gay people but at the same time has pre-marital sex, takes drugs and drinks alcohol. Maxxie swaps rooms with Sid, so he is now sharing a room with Tony Stonem, who tries to seduce Maxxie to'try something new' which Maxxie refuses because of Tony's girlfriend Michelle Richardson. After his fight with Anwar, he is confronted by a Russian woman, who invites him to her private headquarters to drink vodka after seeing his Neil Diamond t-shirt, he gets drunk and after he tries to save Anwar from a standoff, he tries one more time to heal their friendship. In his distraught state he gives into temptation with Tony for means of comfort – and informs Tony that he wasn't good. Unknown to them, Michelle has witnessed the entire thing. In "Michelle", Tony is seen continuing to flirt with Maxxie, Michelle subsequently dumps Tony. Maxxie is quick to apologise to Michelle for the incident in Russia, he is upset when she derides him as a "dirty little slut who fucks around with other people's boyfriends".

Racked with guilt over his friends' breakup, Maxxie states in his psychology lesson that it was his fault that Tony ended up giving him head, to quote'I lost my head and he gave me head', despite the fact that everything that happened had been pushed for and orchestrated by Tony. In the series 1 finale, Maxxie calls Anwar to wish him a happy birthday, however, he refuses to attend his party until Anwar tells his parents that Maxxie is gay. Anwar, desperate to see Maxxie finds him waiting outside, still refusing to go inside. Mr. Kharral arrives outside, spotting Maxxie and the two talk until Anwar tells his father that Maxxie is gay. Mr. Kharral ignores Anwar until Maxxie restates it himself. Mr. Kharral explains that there are a lot of things in the world he doesn't understand – homosexuality – but that his faith in Allah means he believes God one day will reveal to him all he does not understand and until will treat Maxxie no differently. With that and Anwar's friendship is renewed. Maxxie and Anwar back up Chris in the brawl that night and in the end Maxxie ends up in an embrace with one of Chris' attackers who has fallen for him.

The series two premiere episode, focused on Tony, introduces Maxxie's parents: Jackie and Walter Oliver, revealing Maxxie's surname, that he has a dog called Taz and the situation with his parents. After Tony's accident in series one and his subsequent brain trauma, Jal Fazer and Chris are the only friends who are still there for him, his mother, who used to work as Tony's nanny, is taking on that role again. Like Maxxie, his father and his dog dance in their spare time, although Maxxie struggles to convince his dad to let him drop his A Levels and audition for musicals in London. Though Maxxie comes from a stable home with loving parents, he remains subject to homophobic abuse from "chavs" on the council estate where he lives, it turns out that one of the chavs – Dale – is in fact gay after tackling Maxxie to the ground and kissing him at a opportunity. Maxxie resists at first but gives in and they end up sleeping together; when Maxxie returns home the next morning, he sees comforts him. In the episode, after Walter has had much time to reflect on his relationship with his son, they agree that he will at least continue his A Levels if he does not join his father as a builder afterwards as Walter would prefer.

At a couple of points, Maxxie becomes suspicious of stalking. In "Sketch", Maxxie is stalked by Sketch, a young Welsh student who cares for her ailing mother in the flat opposite Maxxie's. Sketch takes pictures of Maxxie and pins them up on a board of her room, leaves Maxxie several gifts in his locker, leaving him to wonder who they're from, makes herself appear more masculine to appear attractive to him, watches him practice a performance with Michelle in a musical. Following this, in the Unseen Skins episode "A Cycological Romance", Monday: Maxxie meets a new love interest: James, gay and a cyclist. Maxxie seems interested, leaving him a note on his bicycle. Sketch steals this note slashing Maxxie's tires. Tuesday: Maxxie

Fight for Your Mind

Fight for Your Mind is an album by Ben Harper. Released in August 1995, it was his last solo album before adding the Innocent Criminals to his line-up. Reviews were very positive, praising Harper's fusion of multiple genres, from folk, folk rock, Black Sabbath-style riffing heavy metal and politically charged reggae. After Harper's well-received debut, Welcome to the Cruel World, he expanded on his fanbase by touring relentlessly with jam bands like Dave Matthews Band. On this, his second album, Harper added a more refined sense of his own intense spirituality, such as on the gospel-influenced album closers, "Power of the Gospel", "God Fearing Man" and "One Road to Freedom". All songs written by Ben Harper except. "Oppression" 2:58 "Ground on Down" – 4:53 "Another Lonely Day" – 3:43 "Please Me Like You Want To" – 4:55 "Gold to Me" – 5:00 "Burn One Down" – 3:31 "Excuse Me Mr." – 5:24 "People Lead" – 4:13 "Fight for Your Mind" – 4:06 "Give a Man a Home" – 3:35 "By My Side" – 3:34 "Power of the Gospel" – 6:02 "God Fearing Man" – 11:49 "One Road to Freedom" – 4:14 The Fight For Your Mind cover features Harper's face on fire, as the artwork features the use of military roundels from African nations to represent each track on the album.

The track corresponding to each roundel is: Angola - Oppression Cameroon - Ground on Down Central African Republic - Another Lonely Day Chad - Please Me Like You Want To Uganda - Gold to Me Jamaica - Burn One Down Egypt - Excuse Me Mr Niger - People Lead Ghana/Guinea - Fight For Your Mind Kenya - Give a Man a Home Nigeria - By My Side Somalia - Power of the Gospel Ivory Coast - God Fearing Man Ethiopia - One Road to FreedomHarper has continued to use roundel inspired artwork on his other albums. Ben Harper - acoustic guitar, weissenborn Brett Banduci - viola Danielle Charles - violin Oliver Charles - drums Bob "Stiv" Coke - tabla, tamboura, sarod Timothy Loo - cello Leon Mobley - percussion Juan Nelson - bass Ervin Pope - organ, Hammond organ Producers: Ben Harper, Bob "Stiv" Coke, J. P. Plunier Associate Producer: Jeff Gottlieb Assistant Producer: Jeff Gottlieb Engineer: Bradley Cook Assistant engineers: Ryan Boesh, Todd Burke, Paul Naguna Mixing: The Dub Brothers, Femi Jiya, Eric Sarafin Mastering: Eddy Schreyer String arrangements: Ben Harper, J.

P. Plunier Design: Tom Dolan Art direction: Tom Dolan, J. P. Plunier Photography: Bob "Stiv" Coke, Jeff Gottlieb Research: Ben Elder

Bougartchev Moyne AssociƩs

Bougartchev Moyne Associés AARPI is a French law firm founded in 2017 by Kiril Bougartchev and Emmanuel Moyne of Linklaters. The firm represents clients in white-collar crime and commercial disputes, provides compliance or investigations programs. With clients varying from major financial institutions and industrial and insurance companies to individuals, publications such as Décideurs, Legal 500, Chambers Europe have ranked the firm among the best in Europe and France; the litigation firm Bougartchev Moyne Associés opened on January 2, 2017 in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris. The two founders Kiril Bougartchev and Emmanuel Moyne, both business crime lawyers for 30 and 20 years had worked for Gide and Linklaters in Paris. Bougartchev Moyne Associés sponsored the International Bar Association Anti-Corruption Conference in June 2017 in Paris. In 2017, the Chambers Europe guide named the firm among its ranked lawyers, among band 1 law firms in white-collar crime and band 2 firms in corporate compliance and investigations.

The firm was granted awards by the French Décideurs magazine, which named Bougartchev Moyne Associés one of the "essential" Top 2017 Law Firms in France for business criminal law in 2017. It named the firm "excellent" among the Top 2017 Law Firms in France for international investigation; the Legal 500 guide named the firm among the best ones in two categories of its 2017 ranking, i.e. white-collar crime as well as commercial and corporate litigation. The partners of the firm participated in round-table discussions at the Global Anti-Corruption Summit organized by the Business & Legal Forum in March 2017. In September 2017, Chambers and Partners published Anti-Corruption 2018, with the “France” chapter written by the firm. By July 2017, 65% of the firm’s activity was dedicated to white-collar crime, 25% to commercial litigation, 10% to compliance; the firm is known for all aspects of business criminal law, it handles other forms of litigation such as civil law and commercial law. The firm advises companies on regulatory matters and negotiations in France and abroad, beyond corruption cases it handles “emergency, transnational or multi-jurisdictional procedures.”

The firm arranges for compliance training programs, notably in accordance with the Sapin 2 Act. By July 2017, the firm consisted of twelve lawyers along with additional staff. By July 2017, the firm was working on around 90 open cases, including both long-term clients and new clients. Clients include institutional investors and other types of companies, both public and private in the fields of energy, industry, pharmacy, finance and luxury goods. By January 2017, the firm was defending a number of corporations in international corruption matters and individuals such as Thierry Solere, François Reyl in the Jérôme Cahuzac case, Michel Meïni, Marie Fillon.

2016 Boston College Eagles football team

The 2016 Boston College Eagles football team represented Boston College in the 2016 NCAA Division I FBS football season. The Eagles were led by fourth-year head coach Steve Addazio and played their home games at Alumni Stadium, they were a member of the Atlantic Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference. They finished the season 7–6, 2–6 in ACC play to finish in a tie for sixth place in the Atlantic Division, they were invited to the Quick Lane Bowl. The 2015 Boston College Eagles football team finished the season 3–9 overall and 0–8 in Atlantic Coast Conference play; that season was marked by numerous injuries and inexperience at key positions but the result was nonetheless seen as major setback in Steve Addazio’s rebuild of the program, shaking the confidence of many in the Boston College athletics community. The one clear bright spot of the 2015 Boston College Eagles football team was the defense under third-year defensive coordinator Don Brown, under whose stewardship the Eagles led the nation in total defense and were top #10 in numerous other defensive categories.

But on December 21, 2015 Jim Harbaugh hired away Brown to coach the same position for the Michigan Wolverines. On the other side of the ball offensive coordinator Todd Fitch, under whom the Eagles finished 126th in total offense and 122nd in scoring offense, was not retained by Steve Addazio. Addazio turned to Iowa linebackers coach and former Eagles defensive coordinator under Dan Henning, Jim Reid, to take over for Brown as defensive coordinator. Addazio hired former Syracuse head coach Paul Pasqualoni as defensive line coach. Pasqualoni had coached on the defensive side of the ball in the NFL for the previous few years. On the offensive side of the ball Addazio hired former Virginia Tech offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler to take over the same position for the Eagles, replacing Fitch; the defense lost three key contributors from the dominant 2015 team, with the graduation of Steven Daniels, Justin Simmons and Connor Wujciak. The offense lost tight end Louis Addazio. Former Kentucky Wildcat starting quarterback, Patrick Towles transferred to Boston College as a graduate student, to compete with former sophomore starter Darius Wade, whose 2015 season was cut short by injury.

Jimmy Lowery, a 4 year starting right tackle at Eastern Illinois transferred to Boston College as a graduate student. Lowery started. Lowery was one of 4 Boston College football players to attain ACC All Academic status graduating in May 2017 with a masters degree in Finance. Coming off a disappointing 2015 football season, Steve Addazio and the Eagles managed the 74th ranked recruiting class in the nation, ranked last in the ACC by the recruiting services; the 2016 Boston College Eagles football team entered the season with no votes in the Preseason AP Top 25 Poll. During the ACC Media Days, the ACC Sportswriters predicted Boston College to finish fifth in the Atlantic Division. College Football News predicted a 6–6 season, good for sixth place finish in the Atlantic Division. Athlon Sports predicted the Eagles to finish sixth in the Atlantic. ESPN's Football Power Index predicted Boston College to finish with 5.7–6.3 wins. Schedule Source

Tommy Steel

Tommy Steel was an American soccer goalkeeper who earned one cap with the U. S. national team in 1925. He spent five seasons in the American Soccer League. Born in Glasgow, Steel began his career in the United States with Fore River of the Southern New England Soccer League. In 1924, he signed with the Boston Wonder Workers of the American Soccer League, playing two seasons with them. In 1926, he joined the New Bedford Whalers, but moved to the Fall River Marksmen eight games into the 1928-1929 season, he played only one game with Fall River before finishing his career with Philadelphia Field Club. He retired in 1929. Steel earned his cap with the U. S. national team in an 8 November 1925 victory over Canada. List of United States men's international soccer players born outside the United States Newspaper account of national team game

2019 Monster Energy NASCAR All-Star Race

The 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR All-Star Race was a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series stock car exhibition race held on May 18, 2019 at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina. Contested over 88 laps -- extended from 85 laps due to an overtime finish, it was the second exhibition race of the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season; the All-Star Race was open to race winners from last season through the 2019 Digital Ally 400 at Kansas Speedway and all previous All-Star race winners and Monster Race NASCAR Cup champions who had attempted to qualify for every race in 2019 were eligible to compete in the All-Star Race. Aric Almirola was the fastest in the Open/All-Star first practice session with a time of 29.775 seconds and a speed of 181.360 mph. Daniel Hemric was the fastest in the Monster Energy Open final practice session with a time of 29.961 seconds and a speed of 180.234 mph. Austin Dillon was the fastest in the Monster Energy NASCAR All-Star Race final practice session with a time of 30.092 seconds and a speed of 179.450 mph.

Daniel Hemric scored the pole for the race with a speed of 182.168 mph. Clint Bowyer scored the pole for the race with a speed of 136.371 mph. The pole-sitter was Clint Bowyer, although the person who dominated the race was Kevin Harvick, seeking his second win in the All-Star Race and his first All-Star win since 2007. Kyle Larson took the lead in the #42 Chevrolet with 13 laps to go and held it to the end, winning his first All-Star Race victory. On the final lap of the race, pole-sitter Clint Bowyer chopped into the front of Ryan Newman's #6 Acorns Ford Fusion taking both cars out of the race; when the checkered flag waved and during the cool-down lap, Newman tapped Bowyer in the back, igniting a post-race scuffle that ended with Bowyer running up to Newman's car and punching him several times while Newman was strapped in his car. Both drivers were summoned to the NASCAR Hauler post-race, but no penalties were assessed to either driver. Fox Sports was the television broadcaster of the race in the United States.

Lap-by-lap announcer, Mike Joy, was accompanied on the broadcast by retired NASCAR drivers, Jeff Gordon and Darrell Waltrip. This was Waltrips final All Star race in the booth as he retired from NASCAR broadcasting after the June 23rd Toyota/Save Mart 350. Jamie Little, Vince Welch, Matt Yocum reported from pit lane. Motor Racing Network continued their longstanding relationship with the track to broadcast the race on radio; the lead announcers for the race's broadcast were Jeff Striegle and Rusty Wallace. The network implemented two announcers on each side of the track: Dave Moody in turns 1 and 2 and Kyle Rickey in turns 3 and 4. Winston Kelly, Kim Coon, Steve Post and Dillon Welch were the network's pit lane reporters; the network's broadcast was simulcasted on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio