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NGC 4305

NGC 4305 is a dwarf spiral galaxy located about 100 million light-years away in the constellation Virgo. The galaxy was discovered by astronomer John Herschel on May 2, 1829; the galaxy has a nearby major companion. NGC 4305 exhibits smooth spiral arms which terminate well outside its central bulge; this spiral structure appears to have been induced by a tidal interaction with NGC 4306. Such a tidal interaction would explain its deficiency in neutral hydrogen gas. Although considered to be a member of the Virgo Cluster, its high radial velocity and blue luminosity suggest it is in fact a background galaxy. List of NGC objects NGC 4305 on WikiSky: DSS2, SDSS, GALEX, IRAS, Hydrogen α, X-Ray, Sky Map and images

Pilgrim: Faith as a Weapon

Pilgrim: Faith as a Weapon is a 1997 adventure video game, written by Paulo Coelho, who wrote The Pilgrimage, the novel on which the game is based. Pilgrim has been described as a "commercial cultural heritage game" and "graphic interactive fiction", it is the premiere title of Arxel Tribe and the first in The Paulo Coelho trilogy, which includes The Legend of the Prophet and the Assassin and The Secrets of Alamut. The game is loosely based on Paulo Coelho's 1987 autobiographical novel The Pilgrimage, it is a time of superstition and religious persecution. Set at the beginning of the Albigensian Crusade in the south of France, the story sees Simon Lancroix aim to complete his dying father's wishes by finding a secret manuscript and delivering it to a friend named Petrus, it is revealed that this is a Coptic manuscript that a renegade Templar brought back from the Crusades. This manuscript is passed around to various characters in different locations. Meanwhile, Pope Innocent III orders Diego de Osma, to retrieve the manuscript.

Mystical creatures such as angels and demons become entangled in the battle. The first half of the game sees the player complete a series of tasks to help other characters, they in turn help the player. Halfway through the game, the player meets Petrus, he reveals that the player's father was the leader of a fictional religious sect called "The Tradition", which aims to bring an absolute truth that no other religion can. From this point the game covers symbolic and supernatural philosophies such as dreams, compassion, salvation, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, growing up and giving up, re-learning what we knew as children. Pilgrim is a first-person point-and-click adventure. Players click through a series of static frames—a slideshow of pre-rendered 3D environments—to move around; the player is not free of their movements and must strategically click screen points in a certain order to reach a destination. The cursor becomes an arrow to indicate a possible movement, a click transitions the player to the next location.

It is possible to die in the game. If the player dies they are returned to the beginning of the latest checkpoint after a cutscene. There are two unwinnable states. One of them occurs if the player gives all their money to a beggar in Toulouse, in spite of needing it to go past the next door; the player is encouraged to "save early, save often". The game's final puzzle has been described as "no less than an exam about what you're supposed to have learned"; the game comes with two discs. The "Inventory" interface has three elements. "Bag" is used for acquired items. The number of items and the weight a player can carry are limited. "People" knows about, or wants information on. "Items" has the objects which have been not acquired. "People" and "Items" of interest can be brought up as topics of conversation with others. To use an item in "Bag", the player clicks on it to activate it clicks "View". To offer a topic of discussion, the player clicks on an item in the "People" or "Items" tabs to activate it.

They click on a character in the "View" screen to talk about it. The puzzles require both patience; the "Bag" items and the clues within the "Encyclopedia" can be applied and manipulated to solve puzzles thereby advancing the story. The latter is similar to how the Chronopedia in used in the Broderbund adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time; the game has a hint system to provide clues for the more obscure puzzles. The entries in the in-game "Encyclopedia" have been described as "spartan", consisting of text. Sometimes when a character mentions a topic, available in the "Encyclopedia" during a conversation. A keyword will appear on the screen which may be clicked to bring up the corresponding entry. While not required, this feature allows the player to delve deeper into the interesting historical nuggets featured throughout the game; the player has an in-game notebook, into which they may copy-paste extracts from the "Encyclopedia". Arxel Tribe was founded in 1990 by two Slovenian architects -- Diego Zanco.

Before Pilgrim, the company was known for designing and producing animated computer graphics for the architecture industry on Silicon Graphics computers at three agencies in Ljubljana and Milan. Frenchmen Stephen Carrière and Guillaume de Fondaumière joined the company three years in 1993, they helped to diversify it into a special effects company for the advertising industry in 1994 by creating an educational film for an Italian design agency, which went on to win awards and be featured at the Berlin Film Festival. That experience gave the team a desire to create graphics as a means of expression and to pursue more ambitious projects in the entertainment industry — video games. Arxel Tribe tried unsuccessfully to raise funds for over a year to pursue this goal. In 1996, Anne Carriére Multimédia was founded as a subsidiary arm of Éditions Anne Carrière, the French publisher of work by Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho and French cartoon artist Jean Giraud; the subsidiary was created to specialise in the production of a genre of video games called "author games".

Stephen Carrière's mother

Brian Hamilton (businessman)

Brian Hamilton is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the co-founder of Sageworks, a fintech company acquired by Accel-KKR in 2018, he founded the organizations "Inmates to Entrepreneurs" and the "Brian Hamilton Foundation." Hamilton grew up in Connecticut. He attended Fairfield College Preparatory School, the first in his family to attend college, received a bachelor's degree from Sacred Heart University, an MBA from Fuqua School of Business at Duke University Hamilton ran his own consulting business in Durham, North Carolina from 1990 to 1996, he offered consulting to people trying to start businesses. He gave lectures and taught college courses. During a small business course, Hamilton mentioned the idea of software that would make reading financial statements easier for executives. One of the students, Sarah Tourville, liked the idea, they would go on to form the company Sageworks in 1998. Sageworks was one of the first fintech companies, it grew into a firm of 400 employees and was acquired by Accel-KKR in 2018.

Hamilton sold his stake in the company as part of the acquisition. Hamilton was a lecturer at prisons, being under contract with the SBA to help with a minority set-aside program. One of his clients, Rev. Robert Harris, asked him to be part of a prison ministry where Hamilton would discuss entrepreneurship; this led to Hamilton forming Inmates to Entrepreneurs, a program offers training and mentoring for people who have criminal records, with graduates going on to start their own businesses. In addition he founded the Brian Hamilton Foundation, an organization that provides advice for young people and others who want to become entrepreneurs, he has provided commentary as an expert for The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC and Fox Business Network, sat on the board of trustees for Sacred Heart University. Brian Hamilton Foundation website Inmates to Entrepreneurs website

Get a Load of This (short story collection)

Get a Load of This is a 1942 book by British writer James Hadley Chase. Unlike most of his other books, it is not a single story throughout, but a collection of 14 different short stories; the stories are not inter related, most have twisted endings. The book was written by Chase while he was still in the Royal Air Force and was first published in early autumn 1941, subsequently reprinted in 1988. Chase's publisher was not in favour of him writing short stories, but he wrote a letter to them with the script, the book was accepted. "Get a Load of This" "Two Thumb a Ride" "Morning Visit" "Twist in the Tale" "Conversation Piece" "The General Dies in Bed" "The Magnificent Opportunity" "Walk in the Park" "The Place of Love" "Vigil" "Night Out" "Skin Deep" "Overheard" "The Painted Angel" A society columnist witnesses the murder of an entertainment biz manager by one of the latter's models at a show in a restaurant, follows up the events that result. On his way to Miami, Denny Merlin comes across two stranger women.

An army searching for A. B. C. Terrorists attack a Cuban farmer and his wife on the pretext of searching for guns being hidden at his house. George Hemingway, Ace car racer and millionaire, is visited by his friend Arden, who realizes that though George is at the top and going to marry a rich and glamorous lady, he is not happy. Arden soon realizes. Harry Garner keeps an affair with a young lady, despite being married and having a daughter as old as her, he is not willing to carry on with it anymore. Cuba is under autocratic rule, the rebels have paid a young boy to assassinate the War department General. After doing that, the boy is on the run. General Holtz is selected to bring a useless gun back from the war torn mountains, for the sake of Mexican General Cortez, as the latter feels it is the only sign of victory in war against General Pablo. A poor girl is molested by two vagabonds in an empty park. On her way to Havana, a young lady is met with handsome Lacey on the ship, who uses her and abandons her in the city torn by civil war.

She soon meets George Quentin, foreign correspondent of the New York Post, journalist Bill Morecombe and few others who together try to escape the war torn land. George and Alfy wait in desperation in the hospital as George's wife Margie is about to deliver a child, not his, but presumed to be Alfy's. Bachelor Jason meets an attractive lady at the Gaucho club, spends the rest of the evening with her, but on the pretext of spending time with him too this lady is just using him. Hernie, a small-time offender, forcefully hitches a ride to Jefferson City in an ambulance carrying an attractive but mentally deranged young lady. Despite the driver warnings, he goes close to her. A barman at a pub overhears the conversation of a couple and understands that they have come there to meet for the last time and break up. Young Slug Moynihan, small-time boxer, falls for beautiful Rose working as a manicurist at a salon, decides to date her using all his savings, hoping that she too will like him, not knowing about her dark secrets.

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Caleb Richards

Caleb Joel Richards is an English footballer who plays as a defender for Yeovil Town on loan from Norwich City. After being club youth team captain he signed professional terms in May 2017, he made his first-team debut for Blackpool in the EFL Cup in a second round match against Wigan Athletic. After his appearance in an EFL Trophy match against Middlesbrough's Under 21 team where Blackpool won 4-1, he was shortlisted for the competition's player of the round, he was released by the club at the end of the 2017-18 season. Whilst at Blackpool he had four loan spells at other clubs, he joined Marine on loan in November 2016. At the beginning of the 2017-18 season he joined Warrington Town on loan with the loan being extended in October, he spent time on loan at Southport, joining them in December 2017. In March 2018 he joined Leek Town with the spell being extended until the end of the season. After being released by Blackpool he joined Norwich City as a member of the club's Under 23 development team in the summer of 2018.

He started ten matches for the development team before going out on loan at the end of November. On 30 November he joined FC United of Manchester on loan, he made his debut for the club on 1 December in match against York City. On 4 February 2019, Richards joined the Tampa Bay Rowdies on loan. On 31 January 2020, Richards joined National League side Yeovil Town on loan until the end of the 2019–20 season