McCloud (TV series)

McCloud is an American police drama television series created by Herman Miller, that aired on NBC from September 16, 1970, to April 17, 1977. The series starred Dennis Weaver, for six of its seven years on the air it aired as part of the NBC Mystery Movie rotating wheel series, produced for the network by Universal Television; the show was centered on Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud of the small western town of Taos, New Mexico, on loan to the metropolitan New York City Police Department as a special investigator. The first choice for the role of McCloud was Fess Parker. Universal hired Dennis Weaver, well known as a "western" actor from Gunsmoke; the pilot, "Portrait of a Dead Girl", aired on February 17, 1970, established the premise by having McCloud escort a prisoner from New Mexico to New York City, only to become embroiled in solving a complicated murder case. This premise of "a cowboy in the big city" was adapted from the 1968 Don Siegel film, Coogan's Bluff, starring Clint Eastwood. Herman Miller, responsible for the story of Coogan's Bluff and co-wrote the screenplay with Dean Riesner and Howard A. Rodman, is credited as the creator of McCloud.

Coogan's Bluff reflects Richard Thorpe's 1942 film Tarzan's New York Adventure and the latter-day career of Bat Masterson.. Like Coogan, McCloud galloped the length and breadth of Manhattan, the sight of McCloud on horseback riding down the middle of a busy traffic choked city street flanked by tall skyscrapers became one of the series' most famous images. NBC picked up the show for six 60-minute episodes in the fall of 1970, placing it in the rotation of its original wheel series Four in One along with San Francisco International Airport, The Psychiatrist and Rod Serling's Night Gallery; the following fall, the network commissioned a new wheel series and lengthened McCloud from sixty to ninety minutes. NBC ordered two new series, McMillan & Wife and Columbo, to fill the wheel and all three became part of the newly named NBC Mystery Movie series, which aired on Wednesday nights; the series, with a distinctive opening musical theme composed by Henry Mancini over a video collage of the various series became a hit, finishing at number 14 in the Nielsen ratings for that 1971–1972 season.

NBC decided to try another competitive move and relocated McCloud, along with McMillan and Columbo, to Sunday nights for the following Fall 1972. The Mystery Movie series was an bigger draw on Sundays, finishing at number 5 in the ratings for the season. Starting in the fifth season in the fall of 1974, the episodes were two hours long, but were dropped again to 90 minutes for the seventh and final season starting in the fall of 1976; the 46th and last episode, "McCloud Meets Dracula", was aired on April 17, 1977. Weaver received Emmy nominations in 1975 for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series; the executive producer was Glen A. Larson, who wrote for the series, as did Peter Allan Fields, Lou Shaw, Jimmy Sangster, others. Larson won an Edgar Award for "The New Mexican Connection". In 1989, Weaver reprised the role in a made-for-television movie, The Return of Sam McCloud, in which his character was now a United States Senator, it first aired on November 12, 1989. Diana Muldaur returned to reprise her role as Chris Coughlin.

The most enduring theme of the show was the conflict between the good-natured, clear-eyed buoyancy of McCloud and the metropolitan cynicism of the residents of New York City, including his fellow officers. McCloud's attire consisting of a sheepskin coat or Western jacket, bolo tie and cowboy hat and boots, allowed for implied comic relief in many encounters with New Yorkers; that New Yorkers might mistake him for a "rube" because of his appearance worked to his advantage. He would allay suspicion of his motives by insisting he was in New York "to observe and learn". Under his jacket or coat, he wore a khaki uniform shirt with a brown star-shaped uniform patch with gold trim on left sleeve, lettered "Marshal's Office Taos, N. M.". There was a yellow circle in the center with the number 33, he wore two collar pins one was "NM" and the other was "33". McCloud carried a blued.45 Colt SAA Western-style six-shooter with a 4¾" barrel. The signature of McCloud's character was his Western unflappability and seeming inability to recognize an insult from his NYPD superior, Chief of Detectives Peter B.

Clifford, whose jibes he never would take personally. Weaver's grin and drawling twang represented McCloud as the embodiment of the American law officer who always sees the good in people but knows the real stakes and spares no pain to catch the bad guy; the character's signature catchphrase was "There ya go!" received with bemusement or puzzlement by the listener. Another recurring theme in the show was the conflict between McCloud and Chief Clifford, played in every episode but the pilot by J. D. Cannon. In the first episodes, their relationship was portrayed as somewhat amiable, with Clifford showing a wary respect for the unconventional Westerner assigned to his command; the relationship soured based on McCloud's seeming disregard of authority combined with a charm that let him escape many of the consequences of his "cowboy-like" determination. Clifford's attitude to McCloud became one of cynical antagonism, bordering at times on extreme rage, but tempered with a grudgin

Project Twilight

Project: Twilight is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Sequels to this story include Project: Valhalla, Project: Longinus, the audio dramas Project: Lazarus and Project: Destiny, the short story'Project: Wildthyme'. 1999. The Sixth Doctor and Evelyn try to find out what connects "Project: Twilight", a secret government initiative, to a seedy casino in London Docklands; the Doctor — Colin Baker Evelyn SmytheMaggie Stables Dr William Abberton – Rupert Booth Nurse – Kate Hadley Amelia Doory – Holly de Jong Reggie Mead – Rob Dixon Cassie — Rosie Cavaliero Mr Deeks — Mark Wright Eddie – Daniel Wilson NimrodStephen Chance Matthew – Rupert Booth This play contains the first reference to Zagreus, a character from a Gallifreyan nursery rhyme, who appears in Neverland and Zagreus. This play introduces the Forge, a mysterious government/military group dealing with paranormal research; the Doctor meets Nimrod and the Forge again in Project: Lazarus.

Vampires were first introduced into Doctor Who in the Fourth Doctor serial State of Decay, where they are said to be ancient enemies of the Time Lords. The Doctor begins to ask Evelyn "Have you been to Bl..." This is in reference to Revelation of the Daleks. Porphyria#Vampires and werewolves Big Finish Productions – Project: Twilight

National Research Centre on Equines

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