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McDowell Mountains

The McDowell Mountain Range is located about twenty miles north-east of downtown Phoenix and may be seen from most places throughout the city. The range is composed of miocene deposits left nearly five million years ago; the McDowells share borders with the cities of Fountain Hills and Maricopa County. The city of Scottsdale has made its share of the McDowells a preserve, has set up a wide trail network in partnership with the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy; the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy was established in 1991. The highest peak in the McDowells is East End, at 4,069 feet; this mountain range serves as a sacred marker to the Yavapai people. The boundaries of the range are defined by Saddleback Mountain in the South and Granite Mountain as the Northern boundary; the McDowells comprise popular landmarks such as Pinnacle Peak and Tom's Thumb. Although technically a stand-alone, Mt. McDowell, not to be confused with McDowell Peak, is sometimes listed on maps as a part of the McDowell Mountains. East End Thompson Peak McDowell Peak Sunrise Peak Rock Knob Thompson, C.

Valley 101. McDowell Mountain Regional Park Pictures and information about hike to natural spring and petroglyphs in the McDowell Mountains Media related to McDowell Mountains at Wikimedia Commons

Mary Schneider

Mary Schneider AM, is an Australian singer and performer, a master at the classic Swiss Alpine style, she is best known for yodelling the works of various standards by many a classic composer. Her repertoire has covered everything from yodelling of classical music pieces to marches and European folk music tunes, her daughter is the ARIA Award winning singer songwriter Melinda Schneider is an Australian country music entertainer and performer. She appears in club and pub venues around Australia, as well as overseas, but has performed at many arena venues, she performed with her sister Rita Schneider, as part of The Schneider Sisters singing duo, who in 2002 were inducted into the Australian Roll of Renown. She has appeared on the Don and Mike Show, The Howard Stern Show and National Public Radio in the US, Spicks and Specks and Enough Rope on ABC TV and Eurotrash in the UK. Schneider was recognised in the Queens birthday honours in 2012. Yodeling the Classics 2001: Yodeling the Classics II Ultimate Collection "The magic of yodelling" Home page Mary Schneider on IMDb

Michael Starobin

Michael Starobin is an orchestrator, composer and musical director for the stage and television. He won Tony Awards for the orchestrations of Next to Normal; the first Broadway musical that Starobin provided the orchestrations for was Sunday in the Park with George in 1984, for which he won the 1984 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Orchestration. He has provided the orchestrations for 21 Broadway musicals, 2 special concerts, including the benefit concert of Sunday in the Park with George, was the Musical Director for The Mystery of Edwin Drood, he has provided orchestrations, or been the Musical Director, for many Off-Broadway musicals. He wrote the orchestrations for several works by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, such as Once on This Island, as well as William Finn, including In Trousers and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, he did the orchestrations for Next to Normal, for which he won the Tony Award for Best Orchestrations. Starobin provided orchestrations for the television movie musicals Once Upon a Mattress and A Christmas Carol, among others.

He has been collaborating with Mary Testa in performances and recordings. He plays a little tuba. Sources: Playbill.

Day at the Circus (1901 film)

Day at the Circus is a 1901 American silent film produced and distributed by Edison Manufacturing Company and directed by Edwin S. Porter, it depicts a parade of the Great Sells Bros.. Combined Circus followed by a horse race in the tent, it was one of many early silent film documentaries depicting circuses, which historian Katherine H. Adams said, "The circus' emphasis on movement and quick transition, as well as its lack of dialogue, made it a perfect subject matter for silent film." The 1901 Edison Catalog describes the film: We present here a series of interesting pictures and show a number of scenes just as witnessed by a visitor to the Great Forepaugh and Sells Bros. combined four-ring circus. We begin by showing the complete circus parade; the first scene shows the parade coming down a broad asphalt avenue with park in background. Entire parade shows elephants, band wagons, cages of animals, full circus paraphernalia, making a most interesting subject; the next picture shows the assembly or grand entry, includes the entrance into the arena of the elephants, wild animals, camels, etc.

We next show an exciting horse race, consisting of eight horses, on which are mounted an Indian, a squaw, a Filipino girl, an Arab woman, an Arab, a cowboy and an English jockey and an American jockey. The picture concludes with a bareback team race. In this race two horses are abreast, the driver standing up, with one foot resting on one horse and one upon the other, they make two circuits of the ring and furnish a exciting climax to the picture. We conclude the Day at the Circus Series with a fifty-foot picture, showing a exciting chariot race. Two chariots appear in one drawn by four white horses and the other by four bay horses. Day at the Circus on IMDb OCLC 33162589

Madhupur National Park

Madhupur National Park is a major and one of the earliest national park in Bangladesh. Madhupur National Park covers an area of 8,436 ha; the Forest was established as a national park by the Bangladesh government in 1962 but, was declared as National park in 1982 under the Bangladesh wildlife Amendment Act of 1947. The park is located at Tangail District in the North region of the country, it is about 125 kilometres away from Dhaka. The local topography consists of flat topped ridges intrsected by numerous depressions; the park is accessible by the road throughout the year. The park is a famous tourist spot due to the scenic beauty; the climate is moderate. The temperature drops down to minimum 10 °C in January; the park enjoys tropical Monsoon from June to September every year. The soil is loamy and sandy loam at various places; the altitude rises to 15 m above mean sea level. The national park is rich in plant diversity; the general walk in the forest is easy due to the flat terrain. About 40% of the forest area is covered with Sal trees.

Madhupur forests are considered one of the best sal forest in entire Bangladesh. The sal trees grow in association with Dillenia pentagyna, Lagerstroemia parviflora, Adina cordifolia, Miliusa velutina, Lannea grandis, Albizia spp. Bauhinia variegata, Spondias mangifera, Butea frondosa and Barringtonia acutangula; the undergrowth is shrubby which includes Eupatoriun odoratum, Pennisetum setosum, Asparagus racemosus and Rauwolfia serpentina. Plantations of Teak Tectona grandis, Cassia siamea, Morus spp. Teminalia arjuna and Syzygium cumini were made in the park area. 176 plant species were identified in the park which include 73 tree species, 22 shrub species, 27 climbers, 45 medicinal plants, 8 grasses and 1 palm species. Since long back, Madhupur forest was famous for Tigers; the fauna consists of 190 species which include 21 mammals, 140 birds, 29 snakes. There is large human habitation along the National park area; some 4500 Garo tribals were allowed for the settlement inside the park in 1989 the human population was about 14,000.

Paddy is cultivated in plains and pineapple and cassava is cultivated as a commercial crop on higher lands. List of protected areas of Bangladesh

Le Club des Chefs des Chefs

Le Club des Chefs des Chefs, founded by Gilles Bragard in 1977, is an international culinary organisation. The main purposes of this official gathering are to promote the national kitchen, act as diplomatic representatives; the chefs are in contact every day with their own heads of state and formed a unique international network. Annually, the president brings together the chefs of heads of state to discuss their work. In 2013, the Club participated in UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Zero Hunger Challenge; the members annually gather on invitation of a member, are received by the head of state. Chef Garcia. In 2014, the members were received by the Duke of Edinburgh. 2014 Annual meeting in London and Buckingham Palace 2015 Annual meeting in Switzerland and Italy 2016 Annual meeting in India President of the C. C. C. Monaco: Christian Garcia: head chef to Albert II, Prince of Monaco. Vice President of the C. C. C. United Kingdom: Mark Flanagan, Chef of The Queen. Members Morocco: Rachid Agouray: Reception, Chef of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Denmark: Martin Kristoffersen, Chef of The Queen of Denmark. Luxemburg: Franck Panier, Chef of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. Sweden: Magnus Åke Rehback, Chef of the King of Sweden. United States: Cristeta Comerford, White House Executive Chef Israel: Shalom Kadosh, chef to the President of Israel India: Montu Saini, chef to the President of India Germany: Ulrich Kerz, chef to the Chancellor of Germany South Africa: Hilton Little, chef to the President of South Africa Austria: Rupert Schnait, chef to the President of Austria France: Guillaume Gomez, head chef at the Élysée Spain: José Roca, chef to the Prime minister of Spain Russia: Jérôme Rigaud: Former Chef of the Russian President. India:Machindra Kasture, Rashtrapati Bhavan. Chef to the President of India 2007-2015. France:Bernard Vaussion, chef at the Élysée from 1974-2013, Executive Chef from 2005-2013 United States: Henry Haller, White House Executive Chef from 1966-1987 Culinary diplomacy Official web site