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This is a partial list of meanings of minor planet names. See meanings of minor planet names for a list of all such partial lists.

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified number-range that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names.

Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names.[1][2][3] Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative. Meanings marked with an asterisk (*) are guesswork, and should be checked against the mentioned sources to ensure that the identification is correct.


Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
43025 Valusha 1999 VW12 Valentina I. Ipatova-Artioukhova (born 1954), Russian hydrobiologist JPL · 43025
43083 Frankconrad 1999 WR Frank Conrad, American amateur astronomer, past president of the Baton Rouge Astronomical Society, friend of the discoverer JPL · 43083


Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
43193 Secinaro 2000 AW4 Secinaro, L'Aquila, Italy, location of what is probably the first Italian meteoric impact crater discovery (dating to the fourth or fifth century) JPL · 43193


Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
43224 Tonypensa 2000 AP165 Anthony Pensa, American assistant director of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, on the occasion of his retirement JPL · 43224
43259 Wangzhenyi 2000 CK104 Wang Zhenyi (born 1924), hematologist-academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. JPL · 43259
43293 Banting 2000 GU1 Frederick G. Banting, Canadian medical doctor, discoverer of insulin JPL · 43293


Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
There are no named minor planets in this number range


Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
There are no named minor planets in this number range


Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
43511 Cima Ekar 2001 CP48 Stazione osservativa di Asiago Cima Ekar (Cima Ekar Observing Station), a.k.a. Osservatorio Astronomico di Monte Ekar, the largest astronomical facility of Italy JPL · 43511
43597 Changshaopo 2001 QT163 Changshaopo (born 1932) is a Marist brother who served as the principal of St. Francis Xavier’s School in Hong Kong from 1974 to 1997, he devoted himself to educating the younger generation, practicing the school’s motto Integrity and Universal Love JPL · 43597


Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
43605 Gakuho 2001 WD16 Aizu Gakuho is a senior and junior high school in Aizuwakamatsu city in Fukushima prefecture, Japan, founded in 1924. Gakuho means wisdom and a phoenix flying in space. JPL · 43605
43657 Bobmiller 2002 ES110 Robert Donald Miller, an astronomer with Michigan State University's on-campus observatory for three decades JPL · 43657
43667 Dumlupınar 2002 GO1 Dumlupınar, the Turkish submarine which, while crossing the Dardanelles on 1953 April 4, collided with the Swedish freighter Naboland and sank, killing all 81 men aboard JPL · 43667
43669 Winterthur 2002 GA10 Winterthur, Switzerland, birthplace of the discoverer and home of Sternwarte Eschenberg (Eschenberg Observatory) JPL · 43669


Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
43706 Iphiklos 1416 T-2 Iphiklos, father of the Trojan war Greek hero Podarkes of Phylake JPL · 43706
43722 Carloseduardo 1968 OB Carlos Eduardo López (born 1953), an Argentine astronomer. JPL · 43722
43724 Pechstein 1975 UY Max Pechstein, German painter, leading member of the German expressionists known as "Die Brücke" JPL · 43724
43751 Asam 1982 UD4 The Asam family of 17th–18th century Bavarian artists: father Hans Georg and sons Cosmas Damian and Egid Quirin, fresco painters, stucco sculptors, and architects JPL · 43751
43752 Maryosipova 1982 US5 Maria Yur'evna Osipova, younger daughter of the discoverer JPL · 43752
43763 Russert 1987 KF1 Tim Russert, an author, Washington bureau chief and political analyst for NBC News JPL · 43763
43767 Permeke 1988 CP5 Constant Permeke, Belgian painter and sculptor JPL · 43767
43768 Lynevans 1988 CH7 Lyn Evans (born 1945), a Welsh scientist and project leader of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. JPL · 43768
43775 Tiepolo 1989 CA6 Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, 18th-century Italian painter JPL · 43775
43783 Svyatitelpyotr 1989 UX7 Svyatitel Pyotr (Saint Pyotr, d. 1326) was an outstanding statesman and orthodox religious hierarch, talented icon painter and writer. In 1308-1326 he was the Metropolitan of Kiev and All Russia and in 1325 he moved the Metropolitan See from Vladimir to Moscow, he founded the Vysokopetrovsky Monastery in 1315. JPL · 43783
43790 Ferdinandbraun 1990 TY3 Ferdinand Braun, German physicist, inventor of the "Braun tube", the forerunner of the television tube, co-winner of the 1909 Nobel Prize in physics for wireless telegraphy JPL · 43790
43793 Mackey 1990 VK7 Lance Mackey, American musher, first to win the 1000-mile Yukon Quest and the 1100-mile Iditarod back to back (in 2007) JPL · 43793
43794 Yabetakemoto 1990 YP Akihiko Yabe and Akikazu Takemoto are Japan's leading Masters Games swimmers JPL · 43794


Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
43804 Peterting 1991 RL4 Peter M. Ting, American anesthesiologist JPL · 43804
43806 Augustepiccard 1991 RG7 Auguste Piccard, Swiss-Belgian physicist, explorer of the upper stratosphere and the depths of the ocean JPL · 43806
43813 Kühner 1991 TQ2 Stefan Kühner, electronics technician, is an enthusiastic amateur astronomer and experienced short-wave radio operator. JPL MPC · 43813
43841 Marcustacitus 1993 HB Marcus Claudius Tacitus, Roman emperor JPL · 43841
43843 Cleynaerts 1993 NC2 Nicolas Cleynaerts, a Flemish humanist JPL · 43843
43844 Rowling 1993 OX2 Joanne "Jo" Rowling, British author, best known for the Harry Potter series JPL · 43844
43859 Naoyayano 1994 AN15 Naoya and Ayano Fujii, children of the second discoverer JPL · 43859
43881 Cerreto 1995 DA13 Cerreto d'Asti, Piedmont, Italy, home to the Osservatorio astronomico di Cerreto d'Asti (Cerreto d'Asti Astronomical Observatory) JPL · 43881
43882 Maurivicoli 1995 EM1 Maurizio Vicoli, Italian philosopher and astronomer JPL · 43882
43889 Osawatakaomi 1995 QH Osawa Takaomi, Japanese pharmacist and amateur astronomer, independent discoverer of comet C/1996 B1 JPL · 43889
43890 Katiaottani 1995 QT3 Katia Ottani, Italian elementary-school teacher and friend of E. Colombini, one of the co-discoverers JPL · 43890


Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
43908 Hiraku 1995 WE7 Hiraku Togashi (born 1955) became a member of the Yamagata Astronomical Society in 1998 and actively popularizes astronomy. JPL · 43908
43924 Martoni 1996 DV1 Aurora Martoni, the grandchild of the discoverer JPL · 43924
43931 Yoshimi 1996 PR9 Yoshimi Takahashi, Japanese amateur astronomer who contributed to the establishment of the Nanyo Astronomical Lovers Club and the Nanyo Citizen's Astronomical Observatory JPL · 43931
43935 Danshechtman 1996 TF Dan Shechtman (born 1941) is an Israeli physicist who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2011 JPL · 43935
43954 Chýnov 1997 CT5 Chýnov, south Bohemia, site of a well-known cave discovered in 1863 MPC · 43954
43955 Fixlmüller 1997 CE6 Placidus Fixlmüller, 18th-century Austrian astronomer JPL · 43955
43956 Elidoro 1997 CD7 Claudio Elidoro, Italian astronomer and popularizer JPL · 43956
43957 Invernizzi 1997 CL13 Luca Invernizzi, Italian author and amateur astronomer, founder of the Associazione Astrofili Valtellinesi and co-promoter of the "G. Piazzi" Observatory JPL · 43957
43971 Gabzdyl 1997 GB4 Pavel Gabzdyl, Czech planetary astronomer and author JPL · 43971
43993 Mariola 1997 OK Mariola Magnoni Tieghi, former president of the Como Inner Wheel Club (International Inner Wheel di Como; the feminine version of the Rotary International) MPC · 43993
43998 Nanyoshino 1997 QB3 Nanyo Yoshinogawa is the river that flows through the center of Nanyo City, Yamagata prefecture, and joins Mogami River. JPL · 43998
43999 Gramigna 1997 QC3 Paolo Gramigna, Italian amateur astronomer JPL · 43999


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