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Birth name Nicolas Zigurat and Matias Noise.
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Dark psytrance
Years active 2002-Present
Labels Dark Prisma
Associated acts Frantic Noise
Abyss Ooze

Megalopsy is the project of Nicolas Zigurat and Matias Noise born around 2002 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They met experimenting with nu metal and grunge playing in bands and they decided to explore the realm of electronic music after being exposed to psychedelic trance in underground parties around 2000. After their debut album, The Abstract Machine, released by Trishula Records in 2005, they have opened their way in the local and international scene, showing the potential of Argentinian psychedelic trance.

They have been influential in the development of a new breed of psychedelic trance artists based in Buenos Aires. These sprouted out of the creation of Dark Prisma Records, a label created for nursing Argentinian and Alien psytrance. This is the home of new artists such as Pandora's Box, Will O' Wisp and Glosolalia.

They are also currently working on solo projects, Matias Noise is doing Frantic Noise, and Nicolas Zigurat is doing Zigurat. Nicolas also works with Pandora's Box as Abyss Ooze and as Prisma for downtempo experiments. They have toured around the world several times playing in many parties and festivals.

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