Meitetsu 1800 series

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Meitetsu 1800 series
A Meitetsu 1800 series train
Set 1801 in December 2008
Family name Panorama Super
Entered service 1991
Refurbishment 2017-
Number built 24 vehicles (12 sets)
Number in service 22 vehicles (11 sets)
Number preserved 2 vehicles (1 set)
Formation 2 cars per set
Fleet numbers 1801-1809, 1851-1853
Operator(s) Meitetsu
Car body construction Steel
Maximum speed 120 km/h (75 mph)
Acceleration 2.2 km/h/s
Electric system(s) 1,500 V DC
Current collection method Overhead catenary
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)

The Meitetsu 1800 series (名鉄1800系) is an electric multiple unit (EMU) type operated by the private railway operator Nagoya Railroad (Meitetsu) in Japan since 1991.[1]


The type consists of nine two-car 1800 series sets introduced in 1991, and three two-car 1850 series sets introduced in 1992, built using the underframes and electrical equipment from withdrawn 7500 series "Panorama Car" EMUs.[1]


Set 1801 with a 6-car 1000/1200 series set in September 2009

The 1800 series was introduced in 1991 as two-car commuter-style sets to be coupled to six-car 1000/1200 series sets on limited express services during the busy peak hours.[1] Sets are also used on their own or in pairs on other services.[1]


As of 1 April 2016, the fleet consists of nine two-car 1800 series sets (1801 to 1809) and two two-car 1850 series sets (1851 to 1852), formed as follows.[2]

1800 series[edit]

Designation Tc1 Mc
Numbering 180x 190x

The Mc cars have one lozenge-type pantograph.[2]

1850 series[edit]

1850 series set 1853 with a 1800 series set in June 2009
Designation Mc1 Mc2
Numbering 185x 195x

The Mc2 cars have one lozenge-type pantograph.[2]


The 1800 and 1850 series cars have transverse seating with flip-over seat backs to face the direction of travel.[1]


The 1800 series trains were first introduced in 1991, to augment the 1000/1200 series trainsets.[1] In 1992, three more two-car sets were built, reusing the underframes and electrical equipment from withdrawn 7500 series "Panorama Car" EMU cars.[1]


Set 1808 in July 2017

From 2017, the fleet underwent a programme of refurbishment. The first 1800 series set to be refurbished and reliveried was 1808 in May 2017.[3]


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