Members of the South Australian House of Assembly, 1933–1938

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This is a list of members of the South Australian House of Assembly from 1933 to 1938, as elected at the 1933 state election:

Name Party Electorate Term of office
Charles Abbott LCL East Torrens 1933–1946
Ernest Anthoney LCL Sturt 1921–1938
Doug Bardolph Lang Labor Party/Labor/Independent [5][7] Adelaide 1933–1944
Dr Herbert Basedow [3] Independent Barossa 1927–1930, 1933
James Beerworth Labor Newcastle 1933–1938
Alfred Blackwell PLP/Labor [5] West Torrens 1918–1938
Hon Richard Layton Butler LCL Wooroora 1915–1918, 1921–1938
Archie Cameron [6] LCL Wooroora 1927–1934
Arthur Christian LCL Flinders 1933–1956
George Connor [4] Independent Alexandra 1934–1941
Edward Craigie Single Tax League Flinders 1930–1941
Henry Crosby LCL Barossa 1917–1924, 1924-1930, 1933–1938
Bob Dale Lang Labor Party/SALLP/Labor [2][5] Adelaide 1930–1938, 1944–1947
Daniel Davies Independent Yorke Peninsula 1933–1941
Samuel Dennison LCL Wooroora 1930–1938
Henry Dunks LCL Sturt 1933–1955
John Fitzgerald [8] Labor Port Pirie 1918–1936
Walter Hamilton LCL East Torrens 1917–1924, 1925–1930, 1933–1938
Percy Heggaton LCL Alexandra 1906–1915, 1923–1938
Horace Hogben LCL Sturt 1933–1938
Tom Howard Lang Labor Party/SALLP/Labor [2][5] Adelaide 1933–1938
Herbert Hudd LCL Alexandra 1912–1915, 1920–1938, 1941–1948
Ronald Hunt LCL Victoria 1933–1938
Shirley Jeffries LCL North Adelaide 1927–1930, 1933–1944, 1947–1953
Hon George Jenkins LCL Burra Burra 1918–1924, 1927–1930, 1933–1956
Andrew Lacey Labor Port Pirie 1933–1946
Hon George Laffer [4] LCL Alexandra 1913–1933
Herbert Lyons LCL Barossa 1933–1938
John Lyons LCL Stanley 1926–1948
Archibald McDonald LCL Burra Burra 1933–1947
Hon John McInnes PLP/Labor [5] West Torrens 1918–1950
Hon Malcolm McIntosh LCL Albert 1921–1959
Alexander Melrose LCL Burra Burra 1933–1941
George Morphett LCL Murray 1933–1938
Victor Newland LCL North Adelaide 1933–1938
Hon Robert Nicholls LCL Stanley 1915–1956
Baden Pattinson LCL Yorke Peninsula 1930–1938, 1947–1965
John Pedler PLP/Labor [5] Wallaroo 1918–1938
Vernon Petherick LCL Victoria 1918–1924, 1932–1938, 1941–1945
Frank Perry LCL East Torrens 1933–1938
Thomas Playford LCL Murray 1933–1968
Robert Richards PLP/Labor [5] Wallaroo 1918–1949
Lindsay Riches Labor Newcastle 1933–1970
Albert Robinson [6] Independent Wooroora 1915–1924, 1934–1943
Reginald Rudall [3] LCL Barossa 1933–1944
Howard Shannon LCL Murray 1933–1968
James Stephens Labor Port Adelaide 1933–1959
Tom Stott Independent Albert 1933–1970
Albert Thompson Labor Port Adelaide 1930–1946
William Threadgold [8] Labor Port Pirie 1937–1938
1 The governing Labor Party had split into three separate factions prior to the 1933 state election due to disputes over the handling of the Great Depression. Robert Richards, the Labor Premier going into the election, had been expelled from the party along with much of the parliamentary caucus for supporting the Premiers' Plan. Richards and his supporters accordingly contested the election under the banner of the Parliamentary Labor Party. The official ALP, consisting of the party administration, several dissident MHAs and much of the party grassroots, ran a mostly new slate of candidates. A number of MHAs and party officials also formed a third faction, the Lang Labor Party, associated with the ideas of New South Wales Premier Jack Lang. All three factions won seats in the election.
2 Two of the three Lang Labor Party MHAs, Bob Dale and Tom Howard left the party in 1933 after falling out with leader Doug Bardolph and formed their own party, the South Australian Lang Labor Party (SALLP).
3 Barossa independent MHA Dr Herbert Basedow died on 4 June 1933. LCL candidate Reginald Rudall won the resulting by-election on 8 July.
4 Alexandra LCL MHA George Laffer died on 7 December 1933. Independent candidate George Connor won the resulting by-election on 10 February 1934.
5 The four Labor factions reunited in June 1934 after an extended reconciliation process. All members of the four factions rejoined the official Labor Party as a result.
6 Wooroora LCL MHA Archie Cameron resigned on 7 August 1934 in order to contest the federal seat of Barker at the 1934 federal election. Independent candidate Albert Robinson won the resulting by-election on 29 September.
7 Adelaide MHA and former Lang Labor Party leader Doug Bardolph was expelled from the Labor Party in 1935. He served out the remainder of his term as an independent.
8 Port Pirie Labor MHA John Fitzgerald died on 22 December 1936. Labor candidate William Threadgold was elected to the vacancy unopposed on 3 March 1937.