Members of the South Australian House of Assembly, 1965–1968

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This is a list of members of the South Australian House of Assembly from 1965 to 1968, as elected at the 1965 state election:

Name Party Electorate Term of office
George Bockelberg LCL Eyre 1956–1968
Hon David Brookman LCL Alexandra 1948–1973
Glen Broomhill Labor West Torrens 1965–1979
Allan Burdon Labor Mount Gambier 1962–1975
Molly Byrne Labor Barossa 1965–1979
Gabe Bywaters Labor Murray 1956–1968
Tom Casey Labor Frome 1960–1970
John Clark Labor Gawler 1952–1973
Des Corcoran Labor Millicent 1962–1968, 1968–1982
John Coumbe LCL Torrens 1956–1977
Reg Curren Labor Chaffey 1962–1968, 1970–1973
Don Dunstan Labor Norwood 1953–1979
James Ferguson LCL Yorke Peninsula 1963–1973
John Freebairn LCL Light 1962–1970
Steele Hall LCL Gouger 1959–1974
James Heaslip LCL Rocky River 1949–1968
Hugh Hudson Labor Glenelg 1965–1979
Lloyd Hughes Labor Wallaroo 1957–1970
Reg Hurst Labor Semaphore 1964–1973
Cyril Hutchens Labor Hindmarsh 1950–1970
Joe Jennings Labor Enfield 1953–1977
Gil Langley Labor Unley 1962–1982
Sam Lawn Labor Adelaide 1950–1971
Ron Loveday Labor Whyalla 1956–1970
William McAnaney LCL Stirling 1963–1975
Dave McKee Labor Port Pirie 1959–1975
Robin Millhouse LCL Mitcham 1955–1982
Bill Nankivell LCL Albert 1959–1979
Hon Sir Glen Pearson LCL Flinders 1951–1970
Hon Sir Thomas Playford LCL Gumeracha 1933–1968
Hon Percy Quirke LCL Burra 1941–1968
Lindsay Riches Labor Stuart 1933–1970
Allan Rodda LCL Victoria 1965–1985
John Ryan Labor Port Adelaide 1959–1975
Howard Shannon LCL Onkaparinga 1933–1968
Joyce Steele LCL Burnside 1959–1973
Hon Tom Stott Independent Ridley 1933–1970
Hon Berthold Teusner LCL Angas 1944–1970
Frank Walsh Labor Edwardstown 1941–1968