Members of the South Australian House of Assembly, 1989–1993

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This is a list of members of the South Australian House of Assembly from 1989 to 1993, as elected at the 1989 state election:

Name Party Electorate Term of office
Hon Harold Allison Liberal Mount Gambier 1975–1997
Dr Michael Armitage Liberal Adelaide 1989–2002
Hon Peter Arnold Liberal Chaffey 1968–1970, 1973–1993
Hon Lynn Arnold Labor Ramsay 1979–1994
Michael Atkinson Labor Spence 1989–2018
Dale Baker Liberal Victoria 1985–1997
Stephen Baker Liberal Mitcham 1982–1997
Hon John Bannon Labor Ross Smith 1977–1993
Heini Becker Liberal Hanson 1970–1997
Peter Blacker National Flinders 1973–1993
Frank Blevins Labor Giles 1985–1997
Mark Brindal Liberal Hayward 1989–2006
Hon Dean Brown [3] Liberal Alexandra 1973–1985, 1992–2006
Hon Jennifer Cashmore Liberal Coles 1977–1993
Hon Ted Chapman [3] Liberal Alexandra 1973–1992
Greg Crafter Labor Norwood 1979, 1980–1993
Murray De Laine Labor Price 1985–2002
Hon Bruce Eastick Liberal Light 1970–1993
Martyn Evans Independent/Labor [5] Elizabeth 1984–1994
Stan Evans Liberal Davenport 1968–1993
Don Ferguson Labor Henley Beach 1982–1993
Roger Goldsworthy [4] Liberal Kavel 1970–1992
Bob Gregory Labor Florey 1982–1993
Terry Groom Labor/Independent [2] Hartley 1977–1979, 1982–1993
Graham Gunn Liberal Eyre 1970–2010
Kevin Hamilton Labor Albert Park 1979–1993
Terry Hemmings Labor Napier 1977–1993
Vic Heron Labor Peake 1989–1993
Paul Holloway Labor Mitchell 1989–1993
Hon Dr Don Hopgood Labor Baudin 1970–1993
Colleen Hutchison Labor Stuart 1989–1993
Graham Ingerson Liberal Bragg 1983–2002
John Klunder Labor Todd 1977–1979, 1982–1993
Dorothy Kotz Liberal Newland 1989–2006
Susan Lenehan Labor Mawson 1982–1993
Peter Lewis Liberal Murray-Mallee 1979–2006
Wayne Matthew Liberal Bright 1989–2006
Kym Mayes Labor Unley 1982–1993
Colin McKee Labor Gilles 1989–1993
John Meier Liberal Goyder 1982–2006
John Olsen [1][4] Liberal Custance/Kavel [1][4] 1979–1990, 1992–2002
John Oswald Liberal Morphett 1979–2002
Norm Peterson Independent Semaphore 1979–1993
John Quirke Labor Playford 1989–1997
Mike Rann Labor Briggs 1985–2012
Bob Such Liberal Fisher 1989–2014
John Trainer Labor Walsh 1979–1993
Ivan Venning [1] Liberal Custance 1990–2014
Hon David Wotton Liberal Heysen 1975–2002
1 The Liberal member for Custance, John Olsen, resigned on 6 May 1990 to take up a casual vacancy in the Australian Senate. Liberal candidate Ivan Venning won the resulting by-election on 23 June
2 The member for Hartley, Terry Groom, was elected as a Labor member, but resigned from the party in 1991 after losing preselection to recontest his seat at the 1993 election.
3 The Liberal member for Alexandra, Ted Chapman, resigned on 11 March 1992. Liberal candidate Dean Brown won the resulting by-election on 9 May.
4 The Liberal member for Kavel, Roger Goldsworthy, resigned on 8 April 1992. Liberal candidate John Olsen won the resulting by-election on 9 May.
5 The member for Elizabeth, Martyn Evans, was elected as an independent, but joined the Labor Party in late 1993.