Members of the South Australian House of Assembly, 2010–2014

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This is a list of members of the South Australian House of Assembly from 2010 to 2014, as elected at the 2010 state election and two 2012 by-elections.

Name Party Electorate Term in office
Hon Michael Atkinson Labor Croydon 1989–2018
Frances Bedford Labor Florey 1997–present
Zoe Bettison [2] Labor Ramsay 2012–present
Leon Bignell Labor Mawson 2006–present
Lyn Breuer Labor Giles 1997–2014
Geoff Brock Independent Frome 2009–present
Hon Paul Caica Labor Colton 2002–2018
Vickie Chapman Liberal Bragg 2002–present
Susan Close [1] Labor Port Adelaide 2012–present
Hon Patrick Conlon Labor Elder 1997–2014
Hon Iain Evans Liberal Davenport 1993–2014
Hon Kevin Foley [1] Labor Port Adelaide 1993–2011
Chloë Fox Labor Bright 2006–2014
John Gardner Liberal Morialta 2010–present
Robyn Geraghty Labor Torrens 1994–2014
Mark Goldsworthy Liberal Kavel 2002–2018
Steven Griffiths Liberal Goyder 2006–2018
Martin Hamilton-Smith Liberal Waite 1997–2018
Hon John Hill Labor Kaurna 1997–2014
Tom Kenyon Labor Newland 2006–2018
Hon Steph Key Labor Ashford 1997–2018
Tom Koutsantonis Labor West Torrens 1997–present
Dr Duncan McFetridge Liberal Morphett 2002–2018
Steven Marshall Liberal Norwood 2010–present
Michael O'Brien Labor Napier 2002–2014
Lee Odenwalder Labor Little Para 2010–present
Adrian Pederick Liberal Hammond 2006–present
Don Pegler Independent Mount Gambier 2010–2014
Michael Pengilly Liberal Finniss 2006–2018
Tony Piccolo Labor Light 2006–present
David Pisoni Liberal Unley 2006–present
Grace Portolesi Labor Hartley 2006–2014
Hon Jennifer Rankine Labor Wright 1997–2018
Hon Mike Rann [2] Labor Ramsay 1985–2012
John Rau Labor Enfield 2002–present
Isobel Redmond Liberal Heysen 2002–2018
Rachel Sanderson Liberal Adelaide 2010–present
Alan Sibbons Labor Mitchell 2010–2014
Hon Jack Snelling Labor Playford 1997–2018
Hon Dr Bob Such Independent Fisher 1989–2014
Gay Thompson Labor Reynell 1997–2014
Peter Treloar Liberal Flinders 2010–present
Dan Van Holst Pellekaan Liberal Stuart 2010–present
Ivan Venning Liberal Schubert 1990–2014
Leesa Vlahos Labor Taylor 2010–2018
Hon Jay Weatherill Labor Cheltenham 2002–present
Tim Whetstone Liberal Chaffey 2010–present
Mitch Williams Liberal MacKillop 1997–2018
Hon Michael Wright Labor Lee 1997–2014
1 The Labor member for Port Adelaide, former Deputy Premier and Treasurer Kevin Foley, resigned on 12 December 2011. Labor candidate Susan Close won the resulting by-election on 11 February 2012.
2 The Labor member for Ramsay, former Premier Mike Rann, resigned on 13 January 2012. Labor candidate Zoe Bettison won the resulting by-election on 11 February 2012.