Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 1836–1843

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This is a list of members of the South Australian Legislative Council from 1836 to 1843.[1] Beginning with the arrival of John Hindmarsh on 28 December 1836, there were five members of the Council of Government, both Executive and Legislative, consisting of: the Governor, Judge, Colonial Secretary, Advocate-General, and Resident Commissioner until 4 December 1838. From the latter date until 20 February 1843, the officials were: the Governor and Resident Commissioner, Colonial Secretary, Advocate-General, Surveyor-General, and Assistant Commissioner of Lands.[1]

Name Office Term
Robert Bernard Advocate-General 1838–1840
James Hurtle Fisher Resident Commissioner 1836–1838
Edward Charles Frome Surveyor-General 1839–1843
George Gawler Governor & Resident Commissioner 1838–1841
Robert Gouger Colonial Secretary 1836–1837, 1839–41
George Grey Governor & Resident Commissioner 1841–1845
George Hall Assistant Commissioner of Lands (acting) 1839
John Hindmarsh Governor 1836–1838
John Alexander Jackson Colonial Secretary 1841–1843
John Jeffcott Judge 1836–1837
Henry Jickling Judge 1837–1838
Charles Mann Advocate-General & Crown Solicitor 1836–1837
William Smillie Advocate-General 1840–1851
George Milner Stephen Colonial Secretary [a] 1838–1839
Thomas Bewes Strangways Colonial Secretary 1837–1838
Charles Sturt [b] Surveyor-General 1839
Assistant Commissioner of Lands 1839–1843
[a] Stephen was Advocate-General & Crown Solicitor 9 February 1838 to 18 July 1838; acting Governor 16 July 1838 to 12 October 1838; and Colonial Secretary 5 December 1838 to July 1839
[b] Sturt was later Registrar-General 1839 and 1846–1847; Colonial Secretary 1849–1851


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