Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 1897–1900

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This is a list of members of the South Australian Legislative Council from 1897 to 1900.

This was the fifth Legislative Council to be affected by the amendments to the Act, which provided for the Colony to be divided into four districts: (1) Central; (2) Southern; (3) North-Eastern and (4) Northern, with six members in each division; one third of each to be replaced in rotation every three years. (Previously, the whole colony acted as one electoral district "The Province" with one third replaced at General Elections every four years.)

Name District Party Time in office Notes
Henry Adams Central Labor 1894–1902
Arthur Richman Addison Northern 1888–1915
Richard Chaffey Baker Southern 1877–1901
Martin Peter Friedrich Basedow North-eastern 1894–1900
John George Bice Northern 1894–1923
Allan Campbell Northern 1878–1898
David Morley Charleston Central 1891–1901 left Labor Party Aug. 1897
Henry Robert Fuller Central ANL 1894–1900
John Hannah Gordon Southern 1888–1892
Robert Storrie Guthrie Southern Labor 1891–1903
William Haslam North-Eastern 1891–1898 died May 1898
James Henderson Howe Northern 1897–1918
John Lewis North-Eastern 1898–1923 elected Jun. 1898
Gregor McGregor Southern Labor 1894–1901
James Martin North-eastern ANL 1894–1899
James Vincent O’Loghlin Northern Labor 1888–1902
William Alfred Robinson Central Labor 1893–1900
William Russell North-eastern Labor 1894–1900
Alexander Wallace Sandford Southern 1897–1902
Sir Edwin Thomas Smith Southern 1894–1902
John Lancelot Stirling Southern 1891–1932
Andrew Tennant Northern 1898–1902
Samuel Tomkinson Southern
died Aug.1900
Ebenezer Ward Northern 1891–1900
John Warren North-Eastern
Charles Willcox North-Eastern 1897–1902
John Warren North-Eastern