Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 1933–1938

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This is a list of members of the South Australian Legislative Council from 1933 to 1938

This term was extended to 5 years to maintain synchronism with the Legislative Assembly elections.

Name District Party Term expiry Time in office
Joseph Anderson Central No. 1 Independent 1938 1931–1944
Percy Blesing Northern LCL 1941 1924–1949
Ernest William Castine Midland LCL 1941 1933–1947
Frank Condon Central No. 1 Labor 1938 1928–1961
John Cowan Southern LCL 1938 1910–1944
Collier Cudmore Central No. 2 LCL 1941 1933–1959
Walter Gordon Duncan Midland LCL 1938 1918–1962
David Gordon Midland LCL 1938 1913–1944
Walter Hannaford Midland LCL 1941 1912–1941
William Humphrey Harvey [3] Central No. 2 LCL 1938 1915–1935
Hartley Gladstone Hawkins Northern LCL 1941 1933–1939
Sir Edward Holden [3] Central No. 2 LCL 1938 1935–1947
Hermann Homburg Central No. 2 LCL 1941 1933–1941
Thomas McCallum Southern LCL 1941 1920–1938
Lyell McEwin [2] Northern LCL 1938 1934–1975
William Morrow [2] Northern LCL 1938 1915–1934
Reuben Cranstoun Mowbray Southern LCL 1938 1932–1938
Oscar Oates Central No. 1 Labor 1941 1933–1951
George Ritchie Northern LCL 1938 1924–1944
Henry Tassie Central No. 2 LCL 1938 1918–1938
Stanley Whitford Central No. 1 PLP/Independent [1] 1941 1929–1941
Harry Dove Young Southern LCL 1941 1927–1941
1 The Labor Party had split into three different factions prior to the 1933 state election due to disputes over the handling of the Great Depression. In the Legislative Council, Stanley Whitford was re-elected for the Parliamentary Labor Party, which consisted of most of the former Cabinet and their supporters, who had been expelled from official Labor. Oscar Oates, a new official Labor candidate, was elected, and Frank Condon, not up for re-election, remained with official Labor. Whitford ceased to be a member of the PLP, renounced socialism and declared himself an "individualist" in March 1934. He was the only member of the splinter Labor parties in either house who were re-elected in 1933 to not be readmitted to the Labor Party, and continued as an independent for the rest of his career.
2 LCL MLC William Morrow died on 3 July 1934. Lyell McEwin won the resulting by-election on 20 October.
3 LCL MLC William Humphrey Harvey died on 6 November 1935. Edward Holden won the resulting by-election on 14 December.