Meng-p'o Macula

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Meng-p'o Macula
The Brass Knuckles chain of equatorial dark regions on Pluto
Location Pluto
Coordinates 10°S 0°W / 10°S -0°E / -10; -0Coordinates: 10°S 0°W / 10°S -0°E / -10; -0
Eponym Meng Po

Meng-p'o is the easternmost of the "Brass Knuckles", a series of equatorial dark regions on Pluto. Meng-p'o straddles the zero meridian, directly under Pluto's tidally locked moon Charon and just west of the tail of the "Whale", Cthulhu Macula. It is named after Meng Po [mə̂ŋpʰwǒ], the Chinese underworld deity of forgetfulness.[1][2]

Cthulhu and Knuckles. Meng-p'o is the small region split across the left and right edges of the map.


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