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Meningitis Trust is a charity formed in the United Kingdom in 1986 to fight meningitis. It is based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Meningitis Trust merged with Meningitis UK in 2013, and became Meningitis Now. It's a new name but they have the same goals - to save lives and rebuild futures by funding research, raising awareness and providing support.

Support after meningitis[edit]

The Meningitis Now vision is for a future where no one in the UK loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives.

The Meningitis Now mission has five main priorities:

  • They provide a united voice for individuals, families, communities, experts and professionals who know just how devastating meningitis (and septicaemia) can be.
  • They save lives by funding research into vaccines and prevention.
  • They reduce the impact of the disease by raising awareness, empowering people with the knowledge and information they need to get urgent medical attention if they suspect meningitis.
  • They rebuild futures by providing dedicated support to people living with the impact of meningitis.
  • Raise the funds we needed to deliver the vision.

Key achievements[edit]

  • Worked with UK health officials and the medical profession to put meningitis on the radar.
  • Played a part in developing and introducing all three vaccines into the UK's childhood immunisation programme.
  • Prevented cases of meningitis by promoting vaccination.
  • Saved thousands of lives with signs and symptoms cards.
  • Become the leading authority on after-effects and aftercare of meningitis.
  • Helped thousands of people rebuild their lives with support services.

Support services[edit]

Their website offers up-to-date meningitis signs and symptoms information and for [1] across the UK. Financial grants can be awarded to help people after meningitis, the 24 hour 24 hour meningitis helpline nurses can call on translators if necessary, in over 100 languages.

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