Mentes (King of the Cicones)

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In the Iliad, Mentes (Μέντης) is the King of the Cicones.

In Book XVII of The Iliad, Apollo disguises himself as Mentes to encourage Hector to fight Menelaus, ("Hector, now you're going after something you'll not catch, chasing the horses of warrior Achilles, descendant of Aeacus. No mortal man, except Achilles, can control or drive them, for an immortal mother gave him birth. Meanwhile, warrior Menelaus, Atreus' son, standing by Patroclus, has just killed the best man of the Trojans, Euphorbus, son of Panthous, ending his brave fight.")[1] This is the only reference to the king in the text.

He is not the same character as the Mentes in the Odyssey, who is king of the Taphians.


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