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Mercedes-Benz Arocs 6x2
Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 dump truck

The Mercedes-Benz Arocs is a heavy-duty truck, introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 2013.[1]


The Mercedes-Benz Arocs is aimed at the construction sector; available bodies include dump-trucks, concrete mixers, and tractors, with two, three, or four axles.[2] Weights range from 18 to 41 tonnes; the Arocs has two main variants - the "Loader" and the "Grounder". The latter is a heavy-duty variant, with thicker 9mm frame rails.[3]


All engines are Euro VI compliant:[4]

  • OM473, a new 15.6 litre engine with 517 - 625 hp and 3000Nm of torque.
  • OM471
  • OM470
  • OM936

Lego Technic model[edit]

Lego has a Lego Technic Mercedes Benz Arocs 3245 model with a power functional pneumatic crane. [5]


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