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"How Maggie Paid the Rent," Merry's Museum, April 1871.

Merry's Museum (1841–1872) was an illustrated children's magazine established by Samuel Griswold Goodrich in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1841. Louisa May Alcott served as editor for a year or so, and also contributed stories, as did Lucretia Peabody Hale, Caroline M. Hewins, Rebecca Sophia Clarke, Helen W. Pierson, and others. Goodrich continued to oversee the magazine until 1854.[1] For some time it was published in New York. In 1868 Boston's Horace B. Fuller bought the enterprise, and remained as publisher until 1872, when the magazine ceased.[2]

Editors included Goodrich (1841–1850); Rev. S.T. Allen (ca.1850);[3] and Alcott (ca.1868–1870).[4] Among the many contributors were Mary Bedford; Katherine Bertha; Emer Birdsey; Kitty Carroll; Margaret Field; Lilian Louise Gilbert; E.B. Greene; Mary B. Harris; Annie Moore; Anna North; Annie Phillips; Mary N. Prescott; Rose Scott; M.G. Sleeper; Olive Thorne; and Elisabeth A. Thurston.


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