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Mershepsesre Ini (also known as Ini II) was a pharaoh of the late 13th Dynasty, possibly the forty-sixth king of this dynasty.[1] He reigned over Upper Egypt during the mid-17th century BC.


Mershepsesre Ini is attested only by a single inscription, giving his nomen and prenomen carved on the lower half of a statue which originated from the precinct of Amun-Ra in Karnak;[1] in Roman times, the statue was brought to the Temple of Isis at Benevento, Italy, where it was unearthed in 1957; the statue is now housed in the local Museo del Sannio.[2][3]
Ini may also be attested on the Turin canon in column 8, row 16, which reads "". If this identification is correct, Mershepsesre Ini II was the forty-sixth king of the dynasty. Kim Ryholt proposed instead that the "" of the Turin canon refers to Mersekhemre Neferhotep II, whom he regards as a different ruler from Mersekhemre Ined.[4] Nevertheless, Mershepsesre Ini must have reigned toward the end of the dynasty.[1]

Chronological position[edit]

The exact chronological position of Mershepsesre Ini is uncertain, although he must have reigned at the end of the 13th Dynasty; in his reconstruction of the Second Intermediate Period, Kim Ryholt does not give any position to Mershepsesre Ini due to a lack of evidence. In the new arrangement,[5] Mershepesre Ini's predecessor is Sewadjare Mentuhotep V and his successor is Mersekhemre Neferhotep II. Jürgen von Beckerath instead gives the "" of the Turin canon as the predecessor of Mershepsesre Ini and his successor as Merkheperre.[6][7]


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Preceded by
Mentuhotep V
Pharaoh of Egypt
Thirteenth Dynasty
Succeeded by
Mersekhemre Neferhotep II