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Merton Park Studios was a British film production studio in South Wimbledon, London. In the 1940s, it was owned by Piprodia Entertainment, Nikhanj Films and Film Producers Guild.[1]

Opened in 1930, many second features were produced there,[1] and for a time it was home to Radio Luxembourg. Unlike many other studios, it remained open during World War II, producing films for the Ministry of Information; in the late 1940s the studios produced several children's films.[2] In 1958 the first Carry On movie, Carry On Sergeant, was made there.[2]

In 1950 Anglo-Amalgamated began making films at Merton Park, from 1957 to 1959 they produced an average of one second-feature a month there. They produced the crime series Scotland Yard (1953 to 1961, 13 half-hour features), The Edgar Wallace Mysteries (1960 to 1965, 47 hour-long features) and The Scales of Justice (1962 to 1967, 13 half-hour features) at Merton Park. The last film made at Merton Park, in March 1967, was from the Scales of Justice series, called Payment in Kind.[2]

The director Ken Hughes made his early films at Merton Park in the 1950s, and the blacklisted American director Joseph Losey made his first British movies there under pseudonyms.[2] Amongst those apprenticed for a time at the studio were the composer David Fanshawe, who trained as a film editor there, and Michael Winner.

The actor/author Stanley Morgan has a number of pages dedicated to the Merton Park films he starred in.[3][4]


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