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Messegelände is the German word for exhibition centre, fair grounds. Especially, the Messegelände is a series of twenty buildings located in the greater Munich, Germany area. During the 1972 Summer Olympics, five of these venues served as host to the fencing, the fencing part of modern pentathlon, judo, weightlifting, and wrestling events.

Fechthalle 1[edit]

These two halls, 11 and 12, played host to the fencing competitions for these games. Hall 11 was used as an entrance for spectators while Hall 12 was a competition area. They hosted the fencing finals.

Fechthalle 2[edit]

Hall 20 hosted the semifinals of the fencing competitions along with the fencing part of the modern pentathlon event for the 1972 Games.


Hall 7 hosted the weightlifting competitions during the 1972 Games.

Judo- und Ringerhalle[edit]

Hall 14, the only one that was newly built, hosted the judo and wrestling competitions.