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Colombian international footballer Radamel Falcao is a Mestizo, with one English great-grandfather.[1]

Mestizo Colombians technically refers to Colombians who are of mixed white (mostly Spanish) and American-Indian ancestry. However, due to the fluidity of ethnic categorization common in Latin America, for all practical purposes, it refers to non-white Colombians who do not belong to one of the recognized minority groups in Colombia (Afro-Colombians, Indigenous Colombians, and Romani). Colombians who simply identify with the mainstream Hispanic culture of the nation are usually categorized as Mestizos, regardless of their actual ancestry, as such, this category may include people who are fully of American-Indian descent, white Colombians who especially possess Mediterranean/Southern European racial features (olive skin, black/dark brown hair, and dark eyes), Afro-Colombians, as well as those who are mixed with other races. 49% of the population is Mestizo. They constitute the largest ethnic group in the country with a share of 49%[2] or 58%[3] of the whole country.

Miscegenation in Colombia began shortly after the establishment of the first settlers in the territory. It is a direct result of the shortage of European women in some sectors of the kingdom during the conquest, because during the colonial period most European immigrants were male, the Spanish then joined mainly with native women of different ethnic groups. Mestizos are found almost everywhere in the country and is the largest population in Colombia, European contribution being almost exclusively on the paternal side (with indigenous contribution being mostly on the maternal side).

Numbers and distribution[edit]

Mestizo Colombians make up 49% (+23 million) of the Colombian population.[citation needed]

The various racial groups exist in differing concentrations throughout the nation, in a pattern that to some extent goes back to colonial origins. However, they can be found throughout the country, mainly in the Caribbean coast, Orinoquia region, Andean region, and intermediate cities.

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