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Meta Caroline Orred (1845 or 1846, Edinkillie, Elginshire - 23 May 1925, Bournemouth) was an author and poet. She lived most of her life in England, where she produced her literature and poetry.

Some of her works are:

  • Poems (1874)
  • A Long Time Ago (1876)
  • Berthold, and Other Poems (1878)
  • Honor's Worth; or, The Cost of a Vow (1878)
  • Ave (all' Anima mea) (1880)
  • A Dream Alphabet and Other Poems

The lyric for the 1877 popular song "In the Gloaming", with music by Annie Fortescue Harrison, comes from Poems.


  • The Book of World Famous Music, Popular, Classical and Folk (1966) by James Fuld.
  • Notes to CD More Songs My Mother Taught Me (Hyperion, 2002) by Andrew Lamb.

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