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Michael Quatro (born 12 June 1943, Detroit, Michigan, USA)[citation needed] is a keyboard player and songwriter who released several albums in the 1970s.[1] These albums became especially popular in Detroit, Michigan, where Quatro was popular on the club scene,[1] he also received some airplay on FM radio. Quatro's 1972 album Paintings contains his popular single "Circus (What I Am)", which peaked at #8 on Billboard Magazine's Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart, it peaked at #91 on the Cash Box Top 100 Singles chart.

He is also an independent entertainment executive and the older brother of musician Suzi Quatro; when Mickie Most was in Detroit, Quatro persuaded him to see Cradle perform. Suzi Quatro was part of the band. Most decided to sign her as a solo act, but did not want to break up Cradle, which was a family band; when Cradle eventually did break up, Suzi Quatro signed up with Most.[2]:76–79 As a result, she became a major rock star, the first female bass player to do so.[3]:2[4]



  • 1972: Paintings (Evolution)
  • 1973: Look Deeply into the Mirror (Evolution)
  • 1975: In Collaboration with the Gods (United Artists)
  • 1976: Dancers, Romancers, Dreamers, and Schemers (United Artists)
  • 1977: Gettin' Ready (Prodigal)
  • 1980: Bottom Line (Spector)
  • 1980: Michael Quatro Band (Lotus)
  • 1995: Vision (Quatrophonic Music USA)
  • 2004: Romantic/Classical/New Age (Quatrophonic Music USA)
  • 2005: Heavenward (Reiwan)
  • 2005: The Shadow of the King (Michael Quatro)


  • 1972: "Circus (What I Am)"
  • 1995: "Song of the Sea"


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