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The Michelson Museum of Art is a museum in Marshall, Texas that was founded to house the works of the Latvian-American artist Leo Michelson.

Michelson feared that if he donated his works to a large museum that they would largely be placed in storage. After Michelson's death in 1978 his wife Janine started to search for a location, and at the suggestion of family friend Wendy Russell Reves, chose Marshall, Texas (Mrs. Reves' birthplace).

The museum houses a permanent collection of works; including over a thousand paintings, drawings, and prints by Michelson; the museum's collection has expanded to include pieces not associated with Michelson. In 1999 the museum received the 20th-century American Art collection of Dr. Bernard and Gloria Kronenberg.

The collection includes paintings, drawings, lithographs and statues by fifty-three artists including Milton Avery and Georges Rouault; the Ramona and Jay Ward Collection of African Masks is another permanent collection and includes masks of the Yoruba, Senufo, and other West African peoples.

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