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Hedi Schoop

Hedi Schoop was a Swiss-born German dancer, cabaret artist and painter. From 1929 to 1933, she appeared in Berlin in the cabarets Die Tingel-Tangel-Theater, she emigrated with her first husband, Friedrich Hollaender, to California, where she turned to pottery. She founded a factory where ceramics based on her designs were produced from 1940 to 1958. Hedwig "Hedi" Schoop was born in Zürich on 3 April 1906, the daughter of Friedrich Maximilian Schoop and Emma Olga Schoop, née Böppli, her grandfather Ulrich Schoop was a lecturer at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zürich. Her father was a journalist, including for the Zürcher Post, president of the Grand Hotel Dolder; the family lived at the Zürichberg, where the hotel was located. Schoop was the third of four children, the first being the painter Max Schoop, the second the dancer Trudi Schoop, the youngest the composer Paul Schoop; the parents nurtured the artistic interests of their children. Trudi and Hedi received drama instruction. Schoop studied sculpture, architecture and fashion design at the Kunstgewerbeschule Wien and the Reimann School in Berlin.

She learned dancing from her sister who opened a dance school in Zürich in 1924. When Werner Finck and Hans Deppe founded the cabaret Die Katakombe in Berlin on 16 October 1929, the ensemble included the actor Theo Lingen, the dancers Trudi and Hedi Schoop, the artist Erich Ohser. Hedi Schoop appeared in parody pantomime, sometimes as a grotesque duo with her sister; when the cabaret dissolved in 1930, Schoop turned to Friedrich Hollaender's Tingel-Tangel-Theater, which opened on 7 January 1931. A guest of their first program was Marlene Dietrich, who had become famous singing Hollaender's songs, including "Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt"; the December 1931 show Allez-Hopp! was reviewed by Alfred Polgar in Die Weltbühne, who wrote about her ability to present with a "trinity" of temperament and grace, lively physical humour and biting parody. In 1932, Hollaender and Schoop married. Hollaender left the cabaret in January 1933, due to the Nazi regime, which closed it in 1935; the couple emigrated via Paris to the United States, where Hollaender had a contract for three months with 20th Century Fox.

They lived in Hollywood and in Hollywood Hills. They tried to run a cabaret in English, Tingel-Tangel-Theater, beginning on 3 May 1934 with a program Allez-Hopp! based on the former show. It was well attended, but the attendance began to decline; when Hollaender received a contract with RKO to produce a Western and compose the film score for it, he closed the cabaret. From 1935, Schoop turned to artistic work, she first dressed them. When they were displayed by Barker Bros. she was advised to turn to more durable materials and began to produce ceramics. In 1940, she opened Hedi Schoop Art Creations. Schoop created ceramics such as flower pots and candle holders. Figures were rural people in national costumes, in simple design which carried coloring, she created bowls and lamps, among other items, sometimes in series aimed at collectors. Schoop kept the designing for herself. In the late 1940s, the company produced more than 30,000 pieces, she employed other foreigners, including the journalist Ferdinand Kahn, the actor Ernő Verebes, the artist Sylvester Schäffer, the dancer Gitta Wallerstein, the actress Illa Rhoden and the cabaret artist Trude Berliner.

In 1943, Schoop married Ernő Verebes. They had Tony Verebes, in 1946, who became a photographer; the couple lived in Van Nuys. In 1974, Schoop illustrated a book by her sister Trudi, Won’t you join the dance? Schoop died in Van Nuys on 14 or 15 April 1995. Chaiklin, Sharon. Garraty, John A.. Schoop, Trudi. American national biography, Supplement 2. New York. Pp. 505–507. Greeve, Swantje. Werner Finck und die "Katakombe": ein Kabarettist im Visier der Gestapo. Berlin. Hollaender, Friedrich. Von Kopf bis Fuß. Mein Leben mit Text und Musik. Munich. Johnson, Donald-Brian. "Hedi vs. Kay: The Case Of The'Copied' Ceramics. Design Trends In The Mid-20th Century". Antiques & Auction News. Kafka, Hans. "Hollywood Calling – Hans Kafka Speaking". Aufbau: 25. Kafka, Hans. "Hollywood Calling". Aufbau: 10. "Hepcat Restorations, Hedi Schoop – Verzeichnis der Schülerinnen und Schüler der Schule Reimann". Pp. 511–580. Kuhfuss-Wickenheiser, Swantje. Die Reimann-Schule in Berlin und London 1902–1943: ein jüdisches Unternehmen zur Kunst- und Designausbildung internationaler Prägung bis zur Vernichtung durch das Hitlerregime.

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Oreke Mosheshe

Oreke Mosheshe is a British actress, TV presenter and model. Oreke graduated from Brunel University with a degree in management and law - modelling part-time to pay the bills. With a job in business development lined up, Oreke decided to take a year off after university'to see the world', she only got as far as her native North London however, as she was approached by publicity guru Camilla Storey to take up acting full-time. Oreke studied drama at college, the Meisner technique with Scott Williams at the Impulse school of acting. Oreke has appeared in several ITV and Channel 4 productions, she can be seen at the end of the year in British comedy'rabbit fever', voted best British comedy of the year by Toby Young Oreke has featured alongside great British actors such as the late Sir John Mills, Lesley Sharp and James Nesbitt as well as established Hollywood stars like Ray Liotta. Her acting roles have taken her to Africa where she guest appeared in popular soap'Sun City'. Oreke has modelled for some of the world's leading fashion houses including Matthew Williamson, Vivienne Westwood and Joseph.

She was the face of T-Mobile Web'n' Walk campaign and has starred in the international Star beer campaign. Oreke can be seen in several commercials across the world ranging from high fashion to playing a young mum in the new Huggies international campaign. Lights2 - Action Hero, The Shadow Lights2. Entertainment Channel Psychic Interactive Show - Skytele Media Spin and Win - Hollywood TV Africa Kicks - Top of the Pops - KFC Orange Mobile Nestle Round and Round - Wrote and Directed The End - Solin Woman Show Cabaret - Charity Tour Catwalk, House of Fraser Skin Care/ Fashion, GMTV Showroom, Armani Collective club 21 Product Launch/Campaign, PlayStation Mathew Williamson, London Fashion Week Showroom, Vivienne Westwood Showroom, Joseph Appleton - "Fantasy" Million Dan - "Dogs And Sledges" So Solid Crew - "Rid Wid Us" Adam F And Li'l Mo - "Where's My…" t. A. T.u. - "Not Gonna Get Us" Scott Williams Impulse School of Acting Ravenscroft College - Three years Theatre Studies RADA “Unarmed combat course” Led by Bret Young BBC Intensive Presenting course In 2006, Oreke came fifth in the Miss Great Britain contest.

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Tenacious D Live

Tenacious D Live is the first live album by American rock band Tenacious D. Produced by John Spiker, it was released as a worldwide vinyl on November 27, 2015 by Columbia Records and was released on digital platforms on January 15, 2016; the release features recordings from the band's 2012 Rize of the Fenix tour and their 2013 European tour. The album features five songs from the bands debut album, five songs from their Rize of the Fenix album and one song from their The Pick of Destiny album. All tracks written except where noted. Jack Blackvocals, acoustic guitar Kyle Gass – acoustic guitar, backing vocals John Konesky – electric guitar John Spiker – bass, piano Brooks Wackermandrums Scott Seiver – drums

Linum perenne

Linum perenne, the perennial flax, blue flax or lint, is flowering plant in the family Linaceae, native to Europe in the Alps and locally in England. It is a slender herbaceous perennial plant growing to 60 cm tall, with spirally arranged narrow lanceolate leaves 1–2.5 cm long. The flowers are 2 -- 2.5 cm diameter, with five petals. The English populations are sometimes distinguished as Linum perenne subsp. Anglicum and high altitude populations in the Alps as Linum perenne subsp. Alpinum; the similar western North American species Linum lewisii is sometimes treated as a subspecies of L. perenne. Cultivars for garden use include'Blue Sapphire'. Blamey, M. & Grey-Wilson, C.. Illustrated Flora of Britain and Northern Europe. Hodder & Stoughton. Huxley, A.. New RHS Dictionary of Gardening vol. 3: 93. Macmillan

Marie Charette-Poulin

Marie-Paule Charette-Poulin was a Canadian senator until resigning in April 2015 and was the president of the Liberal Party of Canada from 2006 to 2008. She is married to international portrait artist Bernard Poulin. Born Marie-Paule Charette in Sudbury, Ontario, on June 21, 1945, she was raised in Sudbury and Haileybury, she was a friend of MP Diane Marleau in high school. She was educated at Laurentian University, graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in 1966, the Université de Montréal, obtaining her Master's of Social Science in 1969. In 1995, Laurentian awarded her an honorary Doctor of Laws. Charette-Poulin received an LL. B. from the University of Ottawa in 2007. In the earlier part of her career, Charette-Poulin worked as a program producer and university lecturer, she was a deputy minister in the government of Canada and a broadcast executive. As Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet at the Privy Council Office, she oversaw all government communications and consultations; as Vice-President of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, she held various portfolios: Human Resources and Industrial Relations.

Prior to her national experience at the CBC, she was founding Director of the Corporation's Northern Ontario French Services, which included launching the Sudbury radio station CBON and establishing over 30 retransmitter antennae in northern Ontario In 1995, following the death of Jean Noël Desmarais, Charette-Poulin was appointed to her Senate seat by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. She represented the senate division of Northern Ontario for the Liberal Party of Canada. Charette-Poulin was a member of the Senate Committee on National Finance and a past member Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, of the Senate Standing Committee on Official Languages, of the Senate Standing Committee on Internal Economy and Administration, of the Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defence and of the Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce, she chaired the Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications and as Chair of the Communications Subcommittee, led the review on Canada's national and international position in communications and telecommunications.

Charette-Poulin was the first woman to chair the Senate Liberal Caucus and the first senator to chair the Northern Ontario Liberal Caucus. From December 2006 to April 2008, she served as President of the Liberal Party of Canada. Senator Charette-Poulin's professional achievements and participation on the boards of various organizations have earned her national and international recognition over the years, including the "Prix Marcel Blouin" for the best radio morning program in Canada in 1983, the "Médaille du Conseil de la vie française" in 1988, the "Ordre de la Pléaide" in 1995, an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Laurentian University in 1995, the insignia of "Officier de l'Ordre national de la Légion d'Honneur de la France" in 2003, the insignia of the Order of St. John in 2004, "Trille de Platine" in 2008, "Personnalité Richelieu International 2008." Charette-Poulin has served on the Bell Globemedia board as well as on several hospital boards and college boards, chambers of commerce and culture boards, United Ways.

She was a member of the Implementation Committee for Bill 8 in Ontario and a founding director of La Cité collégiale and the Regroupement des gens d'affaires. She was the first woman to chair the RGA, she sits on the board of Governors of the ACTRA Fraternal Benefit Society and the "CEO of the Year Award." She is the Canadian president of the Fédération Canada-France, as Vice-Chair of the Canada-Japan Inter-Parliamentary Group, she is a member of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum. As a senator, she was a member of the Senate committee on Internal Economy and Administration, the Senate committee on National Security and Defense; as well, she was a past member of the committee on Banking and Commerce. She chaired the Senate committee on Transport and Communications and the subcommittee on Communications, she was the first woman to chair the Senate Liberal caucus, the first senator to chair the Northern Ontario Liberal caucus. Charette-Poulin ran for the presidency of the party at the party's leadership convention in 2006.

She defeated former MP Tony Ianno and party activist Bobbi Ethier. She was first francophone woman to hold this position. Charette-Poulin suffered a mild stroke in April 2008. Although she was expected to make a full recovery, she said that she would be stepping down as Liberal Party President, saying that she now tires and was unable to put in the 40 or 50 hours of week that the party job demanded. In February 2009, Charette-Poulin was kissed by U. S. President Barack Obama during his visit to Canada. Charette-Poulin said that she was wondering "whether the honour experienced with President Obama happened." Charette-Poulin was the only Canadian woman. When Charette-Poulin met Obama, she told him that she was the "future mother-in-law of Jean-Michel Picher." Obama replied that "Jean-Michel is one of my favourite people," kissed her on both cheeks. On January 29, 2014, Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau announced all Liberal Senators, including Charette-Poulin, were removed from the Liberal caucus, would continue sitting as independents.

According to Senate Opposition leader James Cowan, the Senators will still refer to t