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Micromania magazine 1985 first issue - Cover of a Spanish computer game magazine.jpg
First issue of the magazine published in 1985
CategoriesComputing, Gaming
PublisherHobbyPress (1985-1998)
Axel Springer AG (1998-2012)
BlueOcean Publishing (2012-present)
Year founded1985

Micromanía is a Spanish computer game magazine. It was founded by the publisher HobbyPress, currently a subsidiary of Axel Springer SE, it was created in May 1985, and is one of the first magazines in Europe exclusively devoted to video games. It was first published soon after MicroHobby,[1] which had been created just a few months earlier by the same publisher; the magazine in its two first periods was a major outlet supporting of the golden era of Spanish software. Micromanía celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2010. In July 2012, Axel Springer closed the magazine, focussing its video game coverage in its other magazine Hobby Consolas; the magazine team continues the magazine independently, published by BlueOcean Publishing.[2]


The first issue of Micromanía was published in 1985, with new issues released monthly;[3] the publication of the magazine has been divided into three periods, called in Spanish "Épocas". The first period lasted for three years, with 35 issues; the second period, starting in 1988, changed its physical size to adopt what became its iconic large newspaper size.[4][5] The second period had 80 issues, the last one published in January 1995, the 11th year since the magazine's inception.[6] In February 1995 the third "Época" started, which as of 2015 continues to be published; the magazine reshaped itself to a normal-sized magazine.[7] The magazine celebrated its 20 years anniversary in 2005,[8] and its 30 years anniversary in 2014.[1]

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