The oil and gas industry is divided into three major components: upstream and downstream. The midstream sector involves the transportation and wholesale marketing of crude or refined petroleum products. Pipelines and other transport systems can be used to move crude oil from production sites to refineries and deliver the various refined products to downstream distributors. Natural gas pipeline networks aggregate gas from natural gas purification plants and deliver it to downstream customers, such as local utilities; the midstream operations are taken to include some elements of the upstream and downstream sectors. For example, the midstream sector may include natural gas processing plants that purify the raw natural gas as well as removing and producing elemental sulfur and natural gas liquids as finished end-products. Barge companies Railroad companies Trucking and hauling companies Pipeline transport companies Logistics and technology companies Transloading companies Terminal developers and operators ISO 20815 defines "midstream" in its definition section as: 3.1.27 midstream business category involving the processing and transportation sectors of petroleum industry.

Examples: transportation pipelines, gas processing and treatment, LNG, LPG, GTL. "NOV — Midstream Page"

Moon Fate

Moon Fate is the sixteenth book in the series of Deathlands. It was written by Laurence James under the house name James Axler. Ryan Cawdor arrives in the remains of the New Mexico MAT-TRANS chamber with his son Dean, having rescued him from a slave camp to the north. Once they exit the facility the pair see smoke coming from the direction of Jak Lauren's ranch, where their friends Krysty Wroth, J. B. Dix, Dr. Theophilus Tanner, Mildred Wyeth were waiting for Ryan's return. Ryan and Dean set off for the ranch; when they arrive they discover the ranch burned to the ground and deserted, but curiously find no bodies, not the remains of the absent livestock. Further adding to the confusion there are only a small number of bullet casings found on the property, inside the still-standing smokehouse Ryan discovers several pieces of smoked meat infested with maggots. A final, cryptic clue comes when Dean tries to pull water from the well and discovers a note from Krysty affixed to the top of the rope; the note urges Ryan not to drink from the well but offers no other explanation, saying that for some unstated reason there's not enough time for one.

Reluctantly Ryan and Dean leave the head north, towards their friends. Several miles north the pair come across a deep mining pit, now filled with bodies. Dean examines them up close, discovering each has been shot through the head at point-blank range. Disturbingly, this includes at least a dozen children; as they head into the foothills, Ryan discovers a long note from Krysty, explaining the situation. Sometime after Ryan's departure, an oxen train of religious settlers passed by the Lauren farm, asking for permission to camp nearby for the night. Jak and his wife Christina cautiously agreed, but along with Ryan's friends made plans to watch their new guests carefully; this proved wise. Poorly armed and ill-organized, the attackers were fended off and killed. Somewhat alarming signs of sickness on the corpses of the attackers led Mildred to examine other members of the group, she discovered advanced symptoms of the bubonic plague, but an more disturbing discovery came when Mildred learned the time between the onset of symptoms and the near-terminal stages seen in her examinations was less than two days.

Furthermore, the disease appeared to be excessively virulent, among other symptoms causing uncontrollable diarrhea. With the ranch house and immediate area fouled by stricken settlers, including the well, Mildred declared the area needed to be sterilized using the only guaranteed method available: fire. Since the settlers were still a possible combat risk and all just hours away from an agonizing death, it was agreed that they should all be killed. Mildred did so administering a single headshot to each settler; the bodies were taken by Doc Tanner via oxcart to the mining pit to be interred. The friends released the Laurens' livestock, intending to round them up set fire to the ranch with gasoline, departed north; the mystery surrounding the ranch now explained and Dean head further into the hills to make camp. During dinner they are surprised by a sec hunter, the fifth of a set of merciless robotic hunters that Ryan mistakenly activated while rescuing his son. The'droid is programmed to kill Ryan and Ryan alone, at any cost, has evidently followed him through the MAT-TRANS system.

It is damaged, evidently in the course of its pursuit, but is still a potent threat. Attempts to shoot it blind it but do not stop it, Ryan's one effort at close-quarters combat nearly kills him. Ryan wades into a nearby pond; the sec hunter stops just shy of the water level reaching its chest. Realizing the damage it has suffered has made some elements of the'droid no longer waterproof, Ryan pulls the sec hunter into the water, escaping with only a heavy blow to the back; the sec hunter shorts out spectacularly going dark and sinking into the pond. Just a few minutes Krysty, Jak and Doc Tanner arrive, reuniting with the Cawdors; the next day Ryan and Jak set off to meet J. B. and Mildred, who have camped in a box canyon to watch over the Lauren's recovered livestock. As they near the edge of the canyon they spot stickies, a vicious breed of mutant so named because of the octopus-like suckers which coat their palms and other parts of their bodies, allowing them to grapple onto surfaces as well as rip the flesh from a human body with trivial ease.

The stickies are prone, overlooking the canyon and sighting on something J. B. and Mildred, through rifles. The three companions dispatch the stickies, only to be held at gunpoint when the rest of the stickies move in behind them. Jak is able to escape, while Ryan and Krysty are tied up and taken to the stickies' camp several miles away; the leader of the stickies is an unusually intelligent and unusually blond-haired mutant named Charlie. 20 years prior Ryan, J. B. and a Trader man named Abe cleared out a nest of stickies. The only survivor left was a strangely blond sticky child: Charlie. Resentful over the death of his parents, but resentful of their unintelligent, barbaric lifestyle which led to their extermination, Charlie has become well-educated and intelligent, has organized a large group of fellow stickies into a functioning community, rather than an animalistic nest, he gleefully tells Ryan that his leadership is asserted by periodically and publicly killing "norms", something he says he will enjoy more when it is Ryan.

Ryan and Krysty are placed in a pit used to hold captives, discover one of the eight other people there is none other than Abe. This comes as

Marie-Claude Morin

Marie-Claude Morin is a Canadian politician, elected to the House of Commons of Canada in the 2011 election. She represented the electoral district of Saint-Hyacinthe—Bagot as a member of the New Democratic Party for one term. Morin pursued her post-secondary education at the Université du Québec à Montréal where she was a social work student. Morin ran for a seat to the House of Commons of Canada in the electoral district of Saint-Hyacinthe—Bagot under the New Democratic Party of Canada banner in the 2011 Canadian federal election, she defeated incumbent Ève-Mary Thaï Thi Lac and future Canadian Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais as well as two other candidates to win her first term in office. In 2014 she announced. Official Website Marie-Claude Morin – Parliament of Canada biography