Migdal Afek

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Migdal Tsedek
Greek inscription over doorway

Migdal Afek (Hebrew: מגדל אפק‎), also Migdal Tsedek (Hebrew: מגדל צדק‎), is a national park near Rosh HaAyin, Israel. On the site are the ruins of Mirabel, a Crusader castle. Before the establishment of the state, the Palestinian Arab village of Majdal Yaba was located in this area. Jewish pioneers also built a quarry in the area.


On the southeastern edge of Rosh HaAyin is Migdal Tsedek (lit. Tower of Justice), a white Ottoman-era building marking the site of a fortress used by the Jewish rebels who fought the Romans in 66-70 CE. The building was constructed over Byzantine and Crusader remains. A Byzantine doorway topped by a Greek inscription still survives. [1]


Coordinates: 32°4′51″N 34°57′25″E / 32.08083°N 34.95694°E / 32.08083; 34.95694