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Mike (styled MiKE) was a Canadian mobile phone and push-to-talk network, launched in 1996 using the proprietary iDEN platform from Motorola. Clearnet, which launched this network,[1] was acquired by Telus in 2000 and became part of Telus Mobility.

The Mike network was shut down on January 29, 2016.[2] Telus' intended successor to its Mike network is Telus Link, a push-to-talk service launched in October 2013. Telus Link operates over HSPA, LTE, and wifi, and runs iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.[3]


The Mike national network served the most populated areas of British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario. It also provided limited coverage in Saskatchewan (near the Alberta border), Winnipeg, MB, Moncton, NB, Halifax, NS, and St John's, NL. The network was entirely digital, and supported voice, data, short messaging, and push-to-talk services.

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