Minamoto no Yukiie

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Minamoto no Yukiie

Minamoto no Yukiie (源 行家, died June 1, 1186) was the brother of Minamoto no Yoshitomo, and one of the commanders of the Minamoto forces in the Genpei War at the end of the Heian period of Japanese history.

In 1181, he was defeated at the Battle of Sunomatagawa by Taira no Shigehira;[1] he fled, and tried to take a stand by tearing up the bridge over the Yahagi-gawa, and forming a shield wall, his forces were defeated once more at this Battle of Yahagigawa, but the pursuit was called off when Tomomori fell ill.[2]

Yukiie was then able to join Minamoto no Yoshinaka in besieging the capital city in the summer of 1183. Taira no Munemori was forced to flee with the young emperor while the cloistered emperor joined Yoshinaka.[1]:293-294

For a time, Yukiie plotted with Minamoto no Yoshinaka against Yoritomo, the head of the clan, but when Yoshinaka suggested kidnapping the cloistered Emperor Go-Shirakawa, Yukiie betrayed him, revealing his plan to Emperor Go-Shirakawa, who in turn revealed it to Yoritomo.[1]:296

Yukiie, former Governor of Bizen, then allied himself with Minamoto Yoshitsune, under imperial orders, against Yoritomo.[3]

Yukiie was captured and killed in 1186, on orders from Yoritomo.[1]:325


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