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A mini-LP or mini-album is a short vinyl record album or LP retailing at a lower price than an album that would be considered full-length. It is distinct from an EP due to containing more tracks and a longer running length. A mini-LP is not to be confused with the unique to Japan "mini LP sleeve" or "paper jacket" CD. Mini-LPs became popular in the early 1980s with record companies who targeted consumers who were reluctant to buy full-length and full-priced albums. Several mini-LPs had been released in the late 1970s, including John Cooper Clarke's Walking Back to Happiness, which used the 10-inch format; the format was 12-inch or 10-inch vinyl, with a playing time of between twenty and thirty minutes, around seven tracks. They were used as a way of introducing new acts to the market or as a way of releasing interim albums by established acts between their main albums. Epic Records introduced the 10-inch Nu-Disk format in the early 1980s, but they found it difficult to merchandise, 12-inch mini-LPs became more common.

Notable mini-LPs of the early 1980s included U2's Under a Blood Red Sky, which reached number 2 on the UK Albums Chart in 1983, The Honeydrippers' Volume 1, which reached number 4 on the Billboard 200 in 1984. Independent record labels released mini-LPs by artists before releasing full-length albums. In 1987, 4AD took this approach with both Pixies Come on Pilgrim debut and the second album by Throwing Muses, The Fat Skier. In 2018, Kanye West spearheaded an effort to release five mini-albums from five different artists in five weeks, he led the release of Daytona by Pusha T, Ye by Kanye West, Kids See Ghosts by Kids See Ghosts, K. T. S. E. by Teyana Taylor and Nasir by Nas

Fencing at the 2015 Pan American Games – Men's team foil

The men's team foil competition of the fencing events at the 2015 Pan American Games was held on July 25 at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre. The team foil competition consisted of a three-round single-elimination bracket with a bronze medal match between the two semifinal losers and classification semifinals and finals for 5th to 8th places. Teams consist of three members each. Matches consist with every fencer on one team facing each fencer on the other team. Scoring carried over between bouts with a total of 45 touches being the team goal. Bouts lasted. For example, if the first bout ended with a score of 5-3, that score would remain into the next bout and the second bout would last until one team reached 10 touches. Bouts had a maximum time of three minutes each. A tie at that point would result in an additional one-minute sudden-death time period; this sudden-death period was further modified by the selection of a draw-winner beforehand. All times are Eastern Daylight Time; the following are the results of the event

Seven Minutes to Midnight (song)

"Seven Minutes to Midnight" was the second and final single released by Pete Wylie's Wah! Heat incarnation; the band had made major line-up changes and bass guitar player Pete Younger was replaced by Colm Redmond Carl Washington who became Wylie's right hand. The recording included keyboard player King Bluff for the first time, it was during this incarnation that they recorded their only Peel Session on 19 May 1980. The release of the single marked the departure of Colm Redmond and the transformation of Wylie's first outfit into the better known four piece Wah!. The track's title is a reference to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and their iconic Doomsday Clock. In 1980, in an atmosphere of increasing nuclear paranoia and failing detente over Soviet involvement in Afghanistan, the Bulletin moved the clock forwards two minutes, to the eponymous seven minutes to midnight. "Seven Minutes to Midnight... To Be Continued" - 3:43 "Don't Step on the Cracks" - 3:09

Lewis Parker (musician)

Lewis Parker is a British hip-hop producer born in London of Barbadian descent, who lived in Canterbury, Kent. As a teenager, Parker released an EP, B Boy Antiks, a 12" single, Rise/Visions of Splendour, through Bite It! – a London-based recording label. He signed an album deal with Massive Attack's Virgin Records imprint Melankolic who released his first LP, Masquerades & Silhouettes, in 1998, follow-up album It's All Happening Now four years before he went on to produce a number of records for UK hip hop artists such as Jehst, The Sundragon and Champions of Nature. Parker has been credited for his work with Ghostface Killah on the albums Fishscale and More Fish. In 2010, he released a critically acclaimed album with American MC John Robinson called International Summers. Parker uses aliases, such as: the original cloudstepper L. P the man with the golden sound Jedi master parker the deadliest man with an sp the deadliest man with three sp's Dusty Vinyl Kid Soul Masquerades & Silhouettes It's All Happening Now Home Grown Hip Hop Put A Beat 2 a Rhime Mixtape Volume One THE PUZZLE episode one THE BIG GAME The Rise & Fall of River Nelson International Summers THE PUZZLE episode two THE GLASS CEILING The Shape of the Sky B-Boy Antiks EP The Options EP it's all happening now Easter Island Wonderwall B-Boy Antiks Rise/Visions of Splendour 101 Pianos Shadows of Autumn/101 Piano's 101 Pianos Incognito/At Large With A-Cyde Incognito/At Large With A-Cyde It's All Happening Now Blood F/T Lost Souljah/Mr Parker's Siesta High Stakes The Big Idea international HEAT V/A Operation Overlord – Track: Visions of Splendour – Label: Coke Star Produktions/EMI – Release: 1997 "Champions of Nature" – Tracks: Salsa Smurf, The Fuck Off Song & Finalisation

Niala Boodhoo

Niala Boodhoo is an American journalist, host and executive producer of Illinois Public Media's statewide radio talk show, The 21st. A business reporter for the Miami Herald and Chicago Public Media, she hosted WBEZ's mid-day talk show, The Afternoon Shift, before joining WILL in Urbana, Illinois. Boodhoo served as the Vice President for Broadcast of the Asian American Journalists Association from 2012 to 2016. Boodhoo was raised in Miami. After earning her Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and psychology at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, she taught preschool and high school journalism in Port-au-Prince, Haiti; the daughter of US immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago, she is a first-generation American. Boodhoo had a cameo appearance on an episode of the Netflix original series Easy, in which she played herself across from comedian Marc Maron. Boodhoo's first professional exposure to journalism came through an internship with the Miami Herald the summer before her senior year of high school, it was there.

After earning her master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, she worked as an editorial assistant for the AP and as a reporter for Reuters in London and Washington, D. C. Boodhoo moved back to Florida to work as the Sun-Sentinel's senior business writer, before returning to the Herald as a business reporter. Boodhoo transitioned from commercial to public media while working as a multimedia reporter at the Herald. There, she produced The Miami Herald Friday Business Report, which aired weekly on WLRN-FM, Miami's NPR member station, she moved to Chicago to join Chicago Public Media's Changing Gears reporting project, which covered the economic transformation of the Rust Belt and the stories of people living in the industrial Midwest affected by the transformation. After working as WBEZ's only business reporter, she was tapped to succeed Rick Kogan as the host of WBEZ's mid-day talk show, The Afternoon Shift. After hosting the show for two years, WBEZ canceled The Afternoon Shift to focus on its morning programming.

Illinois Public Media hired Boodhoo to serve as executive producer and host of The 21st, a daily public radio talk show that focuses on statewide Illinois issues

Matar Sène

Matar Sène is a retired amateur Senegalese freestyle wrestler, who competed in the men's light heavyweight category. He picked up a silver medal in the 74-kg division at the 2003 All-Africa Games in Abuja and represented his nation Senegal at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Throughout his sporting career, Sene trained full-time for Ecurie Fass Wrestling Club in his native Dakar under his personal coach Lansana Coly. Sene qualified for the Senegalese squad, as a 34-year-old veteran and a lone wrestler, in the men's 84 kg class at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, he filled up an entry by the International Federation of Association Wrestling through a tripartite invitation and an Olympic Solidarity program. Sene lost all three matches each to eventual Olympic bronze medalist Sazhid Sazhidov of Russia by a rare 17–0 thrashing, Tajikistan's Shamil Aliev, four-time Olympic veteran Nicolae Ghiţă of Romania, leaving him on the bottom of the pool and placing seventeenth in the final standings. Profile – International Wrestling Database