Minister for Education and Skills

The Minister for Education and Skills is the senior government minister at the Department of Education and Skills in the Government of Ireland. The current Minister for Education and Skills is Joe McHugh, TD, he is assisted by: John Halligan, TD – Minister of State for Training, Innovation and Development Mary Mitchell O'Connor, TD – Minister of State for Higher Education. The Minister engages in a wide range of activities relating to education in the Republic of Ireland, including policy planning, quality assurance and the provision of a broad range of services; the department aims to: Promote equity and inclusion Promote lifelong learning Plan for education, relevant to personal, social and economic needs. In recent years some of these functions have been devolved to statutory authorities, in particular the Higher Education Authority, the National Qualifications Authority and the State Examinations Commission. Irish universities and colleges are to a large extent free of government control, with this being limited to policy formation and statistics preparation.

In 1919, the Gaelic League passed a motion calling for the Dáil to appoint a Minister for Irish, read into the record of the Dáil by the Ceann Comhairle. On 29 June 1920, John J. O'Kelly, known in Irish as Seán Ua Ceallaigh, by the pen name Sceilg, was appointed as Minister for Irish; the portfolio was created to promote the use of the Irish language throughout the country. After the Second Dáil met in August 1921, the President Éamon de Valera proposed that this position be altered to that of Minister for Education, saying "It was obvious the Minister in charge should be capable of dealing with the part referring to Irish but he thought the Department should have a wider meaning than at present"; this was accepted by the Dáil. The following day, when de Valera proposed his new ministry, O'Kelly was proposed as Minister for Education, continuing in his previous position with an expanded function, it was given a statutory basis in the Irish Free State as one of the positions in the Executive Council under the Ministers and Secretaries Act 1924.

It was renamed as the Minister for Education and Science in 1997 and as the Minister for Education and Skills in 2010. Irish cabinets since 1919 Department of Education and Skills

Western Division GAA Board

The Western Divisional Board of the North American Gaelic Athletic Association colloquially San Francisco GAA is the governing body of hurling and Gaelic football in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is affiliated to the North American Board. Since its inception, its games have been played at various venues throughout the city of San Francisco on municipal fields rented from the city, such as Beach Chalet playing fields in Golden Gate Park, Boxer Stadium at Balboa Park. From 2009 onward, its games were held at Páirc na nGael, a facility, renovated and leased by the GAA on Treasure Island; the playing season runs from mid-April until late August. Local San Francisco championship winners advance to the NACB Playoffs that take place over Labor Day weekend every year; the playoffs rotate between cities like Chicago, Denver and San Francisco. They were held in San Francisco in 1993, 1997, 2001; the Continental Youth Championships return to San Francisco in 2009 and will be played at Páirc na nGael, as will the adult national finals in 2010.

Men's Football Celts Michael Cusack's Sean Treacy's Peninsula Naomh Padraig / Shannon Rangers Sons of Ború Ulster Young Irelanders / St Brendan'sHurling Na Fianna Naomh Padraig St Josephs Rovers Stanford University University of California, Berkeley University of California, DavisLadies Football Clan na Gael Fog City Harps Saoirse Cailiní CeilteachaCamogie ShamrocksYouth Irish Football Youth League Éire Óg Páirc na nGael was opened on Sunday, December 7, 2008 by GAA President Nickey Brennan prior to the Vodafone GAA All-Star football game starring the top inter-county Gaelic footballers in Ireland. It contains three regulation sized Gaelic fields for hurling and football spanning 13 acres covering the space of three city blocks. Páirc na nÓg is the name of the youth field further to the east on the island adjacent to the home grounds of the Golden Gate Rugby Club. Páirc na nGael's development was funded by financial and labor donations from the Irish community in San Francisco, a donation from the GAA in Ireland.

A disused adjacent elementary school building was remodeled to become a community centre and function room and funding for this was secured from the Irish Government. San Francisco GAA Official website Irish Football Youth League Official website North American Board official website GAA official website Continental Youth Championships official website

Compliant Tower

A compliant tower is a fixed rig structure used for the offshore production of oil or gas. The rig consists of narrow, flexible towers and a piled foundation supporting a conventional deck for drilling and production operations. Compliant towers are designed to sustain significant lateral deflections and forces, are used in water depths ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 feet. At present the deepest is the Chevron Petronius tower in waters 623m deep. With the use of flex elements such as flex legs or axial tubes, resonance is reduced and wave forces are de-amplified; this type of rig structure can be configured to adapt to existing fabrication and installation equipment. Compared with floating systems, such as tension-leg platforms and SPARs, the production risers are conventional and are subjected to less structural demands and flexing. However, because of cost, it becomes uneconomical to build compliant towers in depths greater than 1,000 meters. In such a case a floating production system is more appropriate with the increased cost of risers and mooring.

Despite its flexibility, the compliant tower system is strong enough to withstand hurricane conditions. The first tower emerged in the early 1980s with the installation of Exxon's Lena oil platform. On April 15, 2005 the Base Tower of Benguela Belize was launched from the barge H-851; the Base Tower makes up the first 250 metres of the more than 400 metre high tower. The crane vessel, visible is the Thialf; this is the first outside of the Gulf of Mexico. Baldpate Oil platform