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Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region
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Agency overview
Formed September, 2001
Jurisdiction IndiaRepublic of India
Headquarters Vigyan Bhavan Annexe, Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi -110 011.
Annual budget 3,000 crore (US$420 million) (2018-19 est.)[1]
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (MDoNER) is a Government of India ministry, established in September 2001, which functions as the nodal Department of the Central Government to deal with matters related to the socio-economic development of the eight States of Northeast India, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim.[2] It acts as a facilitator between the Central Ministries/ Departments and the State Governments of the North Eastern Region in the economic development including removal of infrastructural bottlenecks, provision of basic minimum services, creating an environment for private investment and to remove impediments to lasting peace and security in the North Eastern Region.

The current, Minister of Development of North Eastern Region is Jitendra Singh (Minister of state, Independent Charge).[3]

Functions and responsibilities[edit]

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The Department of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) was created in 2001 and was accorded the status of a full-fledged ministry on May 2004. The ministry is mainly concerned with the creation of infrastructure for economic development of North-Eastern region.

Main activities/functions of the DoNER.

  • Non Lapsible Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR)[4]
  • North Eastern Council (NEC)
  • Coordination with the Central Ministries and the State Governments of the NE states.
  • Capacity Building
  • Advocacy and Publicity
  • International Cooperation
  • Enterprises of the Department


The ministry has following organisations functioning under it:[5]

  • North Eastern Council (NEC)
  • North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd.(NEDFi)
  • North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited (NERAMAC)
  • The Sikkim Mining Corporation Limited. (SMC)
  • North Eastern Handlooms and Handicrafts Development Corporation (NEHHDC)

Ministers of state (Independent Charge)[edit]

Northeast India connectivity projects[edit]

Commerce with South and East Asian nations accounts for almost 45% of India's foreign trade.[7][8] Myanmar and ASEAN nations are part of India's Look East policy.[9][10][11] India is part of ASEAN+6, Asia Cooperation Dialogue, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Asian Clearing Union, Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh Bhutan India Nepal Initiative, BIMSTEC, East Asia Summit, Mekong-Ganga Cooperation, SAARC, South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Asian Highway Network and the Trans-Asian Railway network.[12][13]

Major initiatives covered are Transport between India and Bangladesh, Bangladesh–India border, India-Myanmar barrier, Bhutan–India border, McMahon Line, etc.


International roads[edit]

NE has 5,000km border with Nepal, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh and Myanmar while being isolated and connected to rest of India by 20km narrow chicken-neck Siliguri Corridor.[14]

Strategic National Highways (NH)[edit]

13,500 km were NH out of total 3,76,819 km of road length in NE (March 2012).[14]

  • Schemes: Bharatmala and NH[15]
    • Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR) plan[16] for NE and Look East connectivity.
    • Special Accelerated Road Development Programme in North East (SARDP-NE) plan for the China border roads.[17]
  • Funding:
    • Total approved (A+B): 626,000 million (US$8.7 billion) (till Dec 2017).[18][19]
    • A. 326,000 million (US$4.5 billion) 3,840 km approved and 135,000 million (US$1.9 billion) 1,266 km completed (2014 to Dec 2017).[18][19][20]
      • 53,000 million (US$740 million) additional funding released to ensure completion by March 2023 of current NE NH projects by plugging the gap, on 100% centre-funding basis, instead of usual 90:10 centre-state funding mechanism (Dec 2017).[19]
    • B. 300,000 million (US$4.2 billion) additional approved under Bharatmala for NE NH (Dec 2017).[18][19]

Other roads[edit]

  • North Eastern Council inter-state projects and roads:[32]
    • 47 new inter-state roads of 1,666 km costing 50,000 million (US$700 million), of which 4 were taken within plan ending March 2017.[14]
    • 2014 to Dec 2017:[18][19]
      • 23,090 million (US$320 million) projects executed,
      • 5,790 million (US$81 million) to 9,690 million (US$130 million) rise in the annual budget.
      • 56 to 138 increase in the number of projects, incl. Bramputra Study Centre established to research river ecosystem.
  • PMGSY roads in NE, including border village roads].[33] Relaxation to be given to the minimum 250 people habitation in case of villages within 50 km of border.[14]



Airports development[edit]

NER Airports[38]. Indian government was upgrading 12 non-operational airports into operational airports in NE (May 2017, worked started in 8 airports in 2014).[39][40] LGBIA Guwahati will operate as the inter-regional hub and Agartala Airport, Dibrugarh Airport and Imphal Airport will operate as intra-regional hubs by extending runways and apron, and by building terminal building and maintenance hangars at these airports.[40] 3 new greeenfield under-construction airports are Itanagar Holangi Airport, Pakyong Airport (Sikkim) and Chiethu Airport (Nagaland).[40]

Airports development phase-I (fy2016-17 to fy2019-20)[edit]

Airports Authority of India (AAI) will spend 25,000 million (US$350 million or €300 million) between 2018-2020, including the following will be completed by 2019-20 (c. Dec 2017):[41][42]

Airports development phase-II (fy2018-19 to -)[edit]

Centre govt will invest further 80,000 million (US$1.1 billion or €950 million) to develop more NR airports.[42] Several advanced landing ground heliports will be upgraded from to the dual army-civilian airports.[42] Likely includes the following:[44][39][40]


Among Airports in Northeast India, following were connected under UDAN

UDAN flights[edit]

UDAN Phase-I flights started at Shillong Airport, Dimapur Airport, Imphal International Airport, Silchar Airport, Lengpui Aizawl Airport and Agartala Airport.[42]

UDAN Phase-II flights started at TBA?

Other flights[edit]

2014-2017 NEC plan proposes to work towards starting the following flights:[14]


International NE waterways[edit]

Inland National waterways in NE[edit]


As of December 2017, 98,650 million (US$1.4 billion or €1.2 billion) power transmission grid project approved in 2014 is being implemented of which 2,540 km lines already laid, and 16 hydro power projects of 5676 MW being implemented and additional 694 MW projects already implemented.[18][19]


Projects include approval of 2,070 million (US$29 million or €25 million) in 2016 to prevent erosion of world's largest riverine island of Majuli, development of Spiritual Circuit in Manipur, Tourist Circuit in Sikkim, Tribal Circuit in Nagaland and Umiam Lake in meghalaya (Dec 2017 update).[18][19]


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