Ministry of Agriculture (Indonesia)

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Republic of Indonesia
Ministry of Agriculture
Kementerian Pertanian
Ministry overview
Formed 19 August 1945 (1945-08-19)
Jurisdiction Government of Indonesia
Headquarters Jalan Harsono R.M. No. 3
Jakarta Selatan 12550
Jakarta, Indonesia
Minister responsible
Ministry executive
  • Hari Priyono, Secretary-General

Ministry of Agriculture is a ministry which oversees the development of agriculture in Indonesia. The ministry is headed by a Minister of Agriculture, who is directly responsible to President.[1]


Department of Agriculture was created at 1 January 1905 (1905-01-01) by the Dutch East Indies Government as Departement van Landbouw (1905), Departement van Landbouw, Nijverheid en Handel (1911) and Departement van Ekonomische Zaken (1934).[2][3]

Agriculture, trade and industry sectors were under the Department of Welfare in Indonesia's first cabinet. The first person to be the Minister of Welfare was Soerachman Tjokroadisoerjo.[2]


The Ministry of Agriculture is organised as one secretariat, 8 deputies and 2 experts.[1]

  • Secretariat General
  • Directorate General of Agricultural Infrastructure
  • Directorate General of Crops
  • Directorate General of Horticulture
  • Directorate General of Plantations
  • Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health
  • Inspectorate General
  • Agency of Agricultural Research and Development
  • Agency of Agricultural Counseling and Human Resource Development
  • Agency of Food Security
  • Agency of Agricultural Quarantine
  • Special Advisor to the Minister on Bio-industry Development
  • Special Advisor to the Minister on Trade and International Relations
  • Special Advisor to the Minister on Agricultural Investment
  • Special Advisor to the Minister on Agricultural Environment
  • Special Advisor to the Minister on Agricultural Infrastructure


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