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The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building (Danish: Klima-, Energi og Bygningsministeriet) is a governmental agency in Denmark. It is responsible for national climate policy and international cooperation on climate change, as well as energy issues, meteorology and national geological surveys in Denmark and Greenland.


The predecessor of the Ministry of Climate and Energy, the Ministry of Energy (Danish: Energiministeriet), was created in 1979, from the energy department of the Ministry of Trade. In 1994, it was merged with Ministry of the Environment and in 2005 it was detached from that ministry, to be merged with Ministry of Transport and Energy.

On 23 November 2007, the energy issues were de-merged from the Ministry of Transport and climate issues were de-merged from the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Climate and Energy was created.

List of ministers[edit]

Portrait Name
Term Political Party Government
Took office Left office Duration
Minister for Climate and Energy
(Klima- og Energiminister)
Connie Hedegaard
Connie Hedegaard
(born 1960)
23 November 200724 November 20092 years, 1 dayConservativeA.F. Rasmussen III
L.L. Rasmussen I
Lykke Friis
Lykke Friis
(born 1969)
24 November 20093 October 20111 year, 313 daysVenstreL.L. Rasmussen I
Minister for Climate, Energy and Building
(Klima-, Energi- og Bygningsminister)
Martin Lidegaard
Martin Lidegaard
(born 1966)
3 October 20113 February 20142 years, 123 daysSocial LiberalsThorning-Schmidt I
Rasmus Helveg Petersen
Rasmus Helveg Petersen
(born 1968)
3 February 201428 June 20151 year, 145 daysSocial LiberalsThorning-Schmidt II
Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate
(Energi-, forsynings- og klimaminister)
Lars Christian Lilleholt
Lars Christian Lilleholt
(born 1965)
28 June 201527 June 20193 years, 364 daysVenstreL.L. Rasmussen IIII
Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities
(Klima-, energi- og forsyningsminister)
Dan Jørgensen
Dan Jørgensen
(born 1975)
27 June 2019Incumbent23 daysSocial DemocratsFrederiksen


The Danish Energy Agency belongs under this ministry.

The Danish Electricity Saving Trust (Elsparefonden) is an independent trust under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy; the Trust works to promote energy savings and a more efficient use of electricity.

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