Ministry of Education (Malaysia)

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Ministry of Education (MOE)
Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia
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Coat of arms of Malaysia
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logo of Ministry of Education (Malaysia)
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Ministry overview
Formed 1955 (63 years ago) (1955)
Preceding agencies
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Higher Education
Jurisdiction Government of Malaysia
Headquarters Block E8, Parcel E, Federal Government Administrative Centre, 62604 Putrajaya
Motto Strong Implementation, Rapid Execution - Excellence: Ultimate Reach of an Organization (SIRE-EURO)
Employees 551,693 (2017)
Annual budget MYR 43,988,468,100 (2017)
Minister responsible
Ministry executives
  • Alias Ahmad, Secretary-General
  • Khair Mohamad Yusof, Director-General
  • Azmi Lateh, Deputy Secretary-General (Educational Development)
  • Jamil Rakon, Deputy Secretary-General (Management)
  • Khairil Awang, Deputy Director-General of Education (Education Development Policy)
  • Ahmad Tajuddin Jab, Deputy Director-General of Education (Education Operation)
  • Amin Senin, Deputy Director-General of Education (Teaching Professionalism Development)

The Ministry of Education (Malay: Kementerian Pendidikan), abbreviated MOE, is a ministry of the Government of Malaysia that is responsible for education system, compulsory education, pre-tertiary education, technical and vocational education and training (TVET), curriculum standard, textbook, standardised test, language policy, translation, selective school, comprehensive school.


  • Minister of Education
    • Deputy Minister of Education
    • Second Deputy Minister of Education
      • Secretary-General
        • Under the Authority of Secretary-General
          • Internal Audit Division
          • Corporate Communication Unit
          • Key Performance Indicator Unit
          • Education Performance and Delivery Unit
          • Integrity Unit
          • Legal Advisor Office
        • Deputy Secretary-General (Education Development)
          • Education Development Division
          • Procurement and Asset Management Division
          • Policy and International Relations Division
          • Scholarship Division
          • School Audit Division
        • Deputy Secretary-General (Management)
          • Finance Division
          • Human Resource Management Division
          • Account Division
          • Competency Development and Assessment Division
          • Psychology and Counselling Division
          • Information Management Division
          • Management Services Division
        • Director-General of Education
          • Deputy Director-General of Education (Education Development Policy)
            • Educational Planning and Research Division
            • Curriculum Development Division
            • Examination Syndicate
            • Educational Technology Division
            • Textbook Division
            • The National Book Council of Malaysia
          • Deputy Director-General of Education (Education Operation)
            • School Management Division
            • Technical and Vocational Education Division
            • Islamic Education Division
            • Special Education Division
            • Fully Residential and Excellence Schools Management Division
            • Sports Division
            • Private Education Division
            • Co-Curricular and Arts Division
          • Deputy Director-General of Education (Teaching Professionalism Development)
            • Teacher Training Division
            • Aminuddin Baki Institute
            • Inspectorate of Schools
            • Institute of Teacher Education
          • Under the Authority of Director-General of Education
            • Matriculation Division
            • Johor State Education Department
            • Kedah State Education Department
            • Kelantan State Education Department
            • Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Education Department
            • Labuan Federal Territory Education Department
            • Malacca State Education Department
            • Negeri Sembilan State Education Department
            • Pahang State Education Department
            • Penang State Education Department
            • Perak State Education Department
            • Perlis State Education Department
            • Putrajaya Federal Territory Education Department
            • Sabah State Education Department
            • Sarawak State Education Department
            • Selangor State Education Department
            • Terengganu State Education Department

Federal agencies[edit]

  1. Institute of Language and Literature, or Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP). (Official site)
  2. Malaysian Examination Council, or Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM). (Official site)

Key legislation[edit]

The Ministry of Education is responsible for administration of several key Acts:

  • Educational Institutions (Discipline) Act 1976 [Act 174]
  • Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Act 1959 [Act 213]
  • Malaysian Examinations Council Act 1980 [Act 225]
  • Education Act 1996 [Act 550]

Policy Priorities of the Government of the Day[edit]

Frequently Asked Questions about MOE Policy

Malay name and its function[edit]

In Bahasa Malaysia, it was called Kementerian Pendidikan, and was in charge of all the education-related affairs; in 2004, its name was changed to Kementerian Pelajaran and then became in charge of the education from pre-school up to the secondary level. The tertiary education was taken over by a new ministry, Ministry of Higher Education until May 2013 where Prime Minister Najib Razak announced the two ministries will be merged to form a single Ministry of Education; in 2015, the ministry was split again.

Political significance[edit]

Historically, the position of Minister of Education is considered a stepping stone for future Malaysian prime ministers. All Malaysian prime ministers to date have held this position in their career except the first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

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