Ministry of Industry (Indonesia)

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Ministry of Industry
Republic of Indonesia
Kementerian Perindustrian
Departemen Perindustrian Indonesia.jpg
Agency overview
Formed 21 January 1950 (1950-01-21)
Jurisdiction Government of Indonesia
Headquarters Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12950
Jakarta, Indonesia
Minister responsible

Ministry of Industry (Indonesian: Kementerian Perindustrian) is an Indonesian ministry. The ministry is under, and is responsible to, the President of Indonesia.


The ministry's functions are:[1]

  • coordination and synchronization of formulation, determination, and execution of ministerial policy in industry
  • execution of technical guidance and supervision of policy implementation in industry
  • research and development in industry
  • implementation of substantial and administrative support in ministerial organization
  • management of state assets under the responsibility of the ministry


The ministry is organized as below:

  1. Secretariat General
  2. Directorate General of Agricultural Industries
  3. Directorate General of Chemical, Textile and Aneka Industries
  4. Directorate General of Metal, Machinary, Transportation and Electronics Industries
  5. Directorate General of Small and Medium Industries
  6. Directorate General of Industrial Region Development
  7. Directorate General of Resilience and International Industrial Access Development
  8. Inspectorate General
  9. Agency of Industrial Research and Development
  10. Special Advisor to the Minister on Industrial Structure Reinforcement
  11. Special Advisor to the Minister on Local Product Usage Enhancement
  12. Special Advisor to the Minister on Industrial Resource


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