Ministry of Jean-Joseph Dessolles

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Ministry of Jean-Joseph Dessolles
cabinet of France
AduC 218 Dessoles (J.J.P.A., marquis, 1767-1828).jpg
Date formed 29 December 1818
Date dissolved 19 November 1819
People and organisations
Head of state Louis XVIII of France
Head of government Jean-Joseph, Marquis Dessolles
Predecessor First ministry of Armand-Emmanuel du Plessis de Richelieu
Successor Ministry of Élie Decazes

The Ministry of Jean-Joseph Dessolles was formed on 29 December 1818 after the dismissal of the First ministry of Armand-Emmanuel du Plessis de Richelieu by King Louis XVIII of France. It was dissolved on 19 November 1819 and replaced by the Ministry of Élie Decazes.


The ministers were:[1]

Portfolio Holder Party
President of the Council of Ministers The Marquis Dessolles Constitutional
Minister of Foreign Affairs The Marquis Dessolles Constitutional
Minister of the Interior The Count Decazes Constitutional
Minister of Justice The Count of Serre Constitutional
Minister of War Marshal Marquis of Saint-Cyr None
Minister of Finance The Baron Louis Constitutional
Minister of the Navy and Colonies The Baron Portal None


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