Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (Turkey)

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Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure
Ulaştırma, Denizcilik ve Haberleşme Bakanlığı
Headquarters of MoTMAC.jpg
Agency overview
Formed 27 May 1939
Headquarters Ankara
Agency executive

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (Turkish: Ulaştırma ve Altyapı Bakanlığı) is a government ministry office of the Republic of Turkey, responsible for transport, information and communication services in Turkey. Its head office is in Ankara.[1] The current minister is Ahmet Arslan, in office since May 2016.

Agency and Bodies[edit]

Central Directorates-General and Departments[edit]

  • Directorate-General of Road Transport Regulation (DGRTR - KDGM)
  • Directorate-General of Railway Regulation (DGRR - DDGM)
  • Directorate-General of Maritime and Inland Waters Regulation (DG MIWR - DIDGM)
  • Directorate-General of Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport Regulation (DG DGCTR - TMKTD GM)
  • Directorate-General of Merchant Marine (DGMM -DTGM)
  • Directorate-General of Shipyards and Coastal Structures (DGSCS - TKYGM)
  • Directorate-General of Communications (DGC - HGM)
  • Directorate-General of Aeronautics and Space Technologies (DGAST - HUTGM)
  • Directorate-General of Infrastructure Investments (DGII - AYGM)
  • Directorate-General of Foreign Relations and European Union Affairs (DG FREU - DİAB GM)
  • Strategy Development Department
  • Inspection Services Department
  • Department of Researches for Transport, Maritime Affairs, and Communications (DoRTMAC - UDHAM)
  • Personnel and Training Department
  • Legal Consultancy Department
  • Revolving Funds Department
  • Information Technologies (IT) Department
  • Support Services Department
  • Press and Public Affairs Department
  • Office of the Private Secretary

Subsidiaries, Affiliated and Related Institutions[edit]


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