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The Minutemen was a militant anti-Communist organization formed in the United States in the early 1960s. The founder and head of the right-wing group was Robert DePugh, a biochemist from Norborne, Missouri; the Minutemen believed that Communism would soon take over the United States. The group armed themselves and were preparing to take back the country if necessary; the Minutemen organized themselves into small cells and stockpiled weapons for an anticipated counter-revolution.

In February 1968, DePugh was indicted by a federal grand jury in Seattle, Washington for conspiracy to commit bank robbery; also in 1968, he was arrested for violation of federal firearms laws. He skipped bail and went underground for over a year until he was caught in 1969 in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, he was released from prison in May 1973. DePugh later wrote a survival manual, Can You Survive?, and was associated briefly with Liberty Lobby.

DePugh, 86, died at home June 30, 2009.[1]


The Minutemen's publication was a newsletter called "On Target".

  • Principles of Guerrilla Warfare, Robert DePugh. Published by the Minutemen, San Diego, CA, 1961. 10 pages.[2]
  • Blueprint for Victory, Robert DePugh. 1966.
  • Can You Survive? Robert DePugh. Published by Desert Publications, El Dorado, AZ, 1973. 214 pages. ISBN 0-87947-442-4


Further reading[edit]

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FBI files on the Minutemen and DePugh, obtained under the FOIA and hosted at the Internet Archive