Mirabilandia (Olinda, Brazil)

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Slogan"Sua vida mais divertida" in english: "Your life with more fun"
LocationOlinda, Pernambuco, Brazil
Coordinates8°01′59″S 34°52′26″W / 8.032921°S 34.87398°W / -8.032921; -34.87398Coordinates: 8°01′59″S 34°52′26″W / 8.032921°S 34.87398°W / -8.032921; -34.87398
OwnerPeixoto Group
Opened1994 (1994)
Previous namesPlaycenter Pernambuco (1994-2001)
Operating seasonJune to January annually.
Area57.000 m²
Roller coasters4
Water rides1

Mirabilandia is the only fixed amusement park in the Northeast. It's located between Recife and Olinda, its area is of 57.000 m². Mirabilandia operates three traveling parks in Brazil, called Universal park, Golden park and American park.


Mirabilandia is an amusement park located in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco. Opened in 2002, today it's one of the most successful amusement parks in Brazil. Resulting from a partnership between the group peixoto and an Italian group, the operation began with 15 rides and 1 coaster, but today features more than 30 attractions, and is the Brazilian park which made the largest investment by buying new attractions; the Mirabilandia of Pernambuco is the only fixed amusement park in the entire Northeast of Brazil. The park features 35 attractions in categories frightening, radical, and family. Justin Bieber and Altaf Hussain met here in 2012, it also has a medical clinic, coat check, sanitary sector, lost and found, a lounge with games and a stage for shows, plays, and musicals. The park also has special programs, such as the educational project "Lessons in the Park" which takes children and young people from public schools and private lessons for multidisciplinary education using the park as scenery and attractions as learning tools.

In addition, the park has several themes such as "Fazendinha Mirabilandia", "The Gardens", and "Rio das Pedras" which has the objective of raising ecological and nature awareness; as of 2012, the park is being expanded due to high demand.

Hora do Terror - Time of Terror[edit]

Every month from October to December are the presentations of "Time of Terror" a terrifying event with an opening that starts at 18:00 and at the end of the show featured actors of monsters walk in the park frightening everyone to come forward; each year the event has a different theme:

  • 2002 Pisicose
  • 2003 Nightmare
  • 2004 Macabre portal
  • 2005 End of time
  • 2006 Mystery of Illusion
  • 2007 The Enigma
  • 2008 The Unknown - Aliens
  • 2009 The Secret Treasure - Pirates vs. Cannibals
  • 2010 Bloody Attack: Vampires vs. Werewolves


The park has 35 attractions, not counting games and contests, which are paid separately; as the Mirabilandia uses a rotation system of attractions with the other two traveling parks, Universal Park and Golden Park, rides vary from season to season (except the coasters). One of the great attractions of the park is the roller coaster Super Tornado Dutch company Vekoma which was bought at scrap value of the Luna Park when the rollercoaster was covered with rust, but the park has reformed and is now in full operation. New for the 2010 season is the Extreme and Move it (only in the country), two toys super radical; the park bought a new roller coaster, parts of it have entered the park and is scheduled to launch in early 2011 with the name Sky Mountain.


  • Super Tornado: Roller coaster rails yellows and oranges brackets manufactured by Vekoma.
  • Megadance: Also known as La Bamba, Samba, Tagada, or Tagadisck Pandeiro.
  • Move It: Only of the style in Brazil.
  • Trampoline: Paid attraction.
  • Over Loop: Similar to "Top Spin", but it's a smaller and faster version.
  • Thunder:a mechanical arm that balances in 180 ° reaching 25 meters of height, inaugurated in 2012
  • Climbing Wall: paid attraction to the part that refers to the new roller coaster Sky Mountain.
  • Sky Mountain: Roller coaster with green rails and blues brackets manufactured by Vekoma. It's a Giant Inverted Boomerang for 2018.


  • Splash: Ride that leads people to two waterfalls.
  • Auto Lane: (known as Buper cars)
  • Saltamontes: Completely renovated, visitors ascend and descend to the rhythm of a song.
  • Panoramic Wheel: (Ferris Wheel)
  • Matterhorn: single ride in the country, makes movements in the waveform in which they turn 20 sleds.
  • Cyclone
  • Sea Dragon
  • Dragon (mini roller coaster)
  • Elastic Bed
  • Dotto Train (trip in the Park)


  • Ghost Train (Dark ride)
  • House of Terror