Centene Stadium

Centene Stadium is a stadium in Great Falls, Montana. It is named for the Centene Corporation, it is used for baseball, is the home field of the Great Falls Voyagers minor league baseball team. It holds 4,000 people; the ballpark has a BBQ area. Field dimensions are 335 to right field, 328 to left field, 415 to center field, 368 to each power alley; the baseball park is owned by the City of Great Falls and leased to the Great Falls Baseball Club, Inc., a non-profit organization. In exchange for maintaining the park and updates, the city requires that the three local high school teams be allowed to practice and play in the stadium as long as it does not interfere with the Minor League operations of the Great Falls Voyagers. Since the Advanced Rookie League starts late in June, this is not a problem; the three American Legion Baseball teams that play in the park are the Great Falls Chargers AA, Chargers A and Chargers B. The previous names of these teams where the Great Falls Stallions, the Great Falls Electrics, the Great Falls Chargers..

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Travis Pastrana

Travis Alan Pastrana is an American professional motorsports competitor and stunt performer who has won championships and X Games gold medals in several events, including supercross, freestyle motocross, rally racing. He runs a show called Nitro Circus, competed in the NASCAR Nationwide Series for Roush Fenway Racing the Global RallyCross Championship for Subaru Rally Team USA, the Monster Jam circuit, in his own Pastrana 199 truck, he last competed in NASCAR in the Camping World Truck Series, driving the No. 45 Chevrolet Silverado for Niece Motorsports. Pastrana replicated three of legendary daredevil Evel Knievel's most famous jumps without injury in record-breaking fashion while in Las Vegas. Pastrana was born on October 8, 1983, his uncle, Alan Pastrana, played as a quarterback from 1965 to 1968 at the University of Maryland, which Travis Pastrana attended. On June 11, 2003, 19-year-old Pastrana was injured when he crashed his Corvette into a tree in Davidsonville, Maryland. Pastrana has won three motocross racing championships: the 2000 AMA 125cc National championship, the 2001 125cc East Coast Supercross Championship, the 125cc Rose Creek Invitational.

Pastrana raced in the 2000 Motocross des Nations. He moved up to the 250cc class in 2002, his stand-up style, ability to spot jump combinations and great speed through the whoops make him easy to spot on the track. Although Pastrana has never won a 250cc race, his kindness to the fans and love of the sport still make him one of the most popular riders of all time; the Freestyle stunt riding started at a young age. At 13 years old Pastrana was performing stunts during motocross racing, keeping the fans enthused and in life, leading to his career in freestyle motocross. Pastrana has always raced and competed on Suzuki motorcycles, remains fiercely loyal to the brand, he races with Team Cernic's Suzuki. All of his motorcycles and rally cars carry the number 199, he sponsored a Monster Jam truck called Pastrana 199 and Nitro Circus, after the show on MTV. On October 3, 2014, Pastrana competed in the first Red Bull Straight Rhythm competition, riding in the Open Class on a Suzuki RM-Z 450 with a Honda CR500 engine swap.

He dubbed the bike the RM-Zilla. However, Pastrana was eliminated early on in the bracket and James Stewart Jr. took the win. Robert Pastrana, Travis' father, is of Puerto Rican descent, which made Travis directly eligible to represent Puerto Rico in international competition; the Puerto Rico Motorcycle Association provided him with a license to represent the Territory, accepted by the Unión Latinoamericana de Motociclismo, the relevant sanctioning body in Latin America. His debut with the team took place on March 15, 2008, he qualified to the finals by defeating Erick Vallejo of Mexico. In the finals he finished third, behind local Costa Rican racer Roberto Vallejo. In 2018 Pastrana took part in the Motocross of Nations event as part of Team Puerto Rico with teammates Kevin Windham and Ryan Sipes in an effort to raise money and awareness following Hurricane Maria in 2017. All three team members made it to the main event, qualifying via the B-final. 1999 – Pastrana won the first-ever MotoX Freestyle event at the X Games.

He scores the highest-ever Freestyle run score of 99.00 points. 2000 – Pastrana won the gold medal for the second time, attempted his first-ever backflip on a motorcycle but broke his foot. 2001 – Pastrana won his third gold, still the only person to win the event. 2002 – Pastrana was out with an injury. Mike Metzger became the first rider other than Pastrana to win Freestyle. 2003 – Pastrana claimed his fourth gold and became the second rider to complete a 360 in competition. 2004 – Pastrana crashed while trying a 50 ft 360, sustaining a concussion, but was able to compete the next day and won a silver medal. Nate Adams took the gold becoming the first rider to beat Pastrana. Before this event, he had won a bronze medal in Best Trick, performing a One-Handed 360, a Superman Seat Grab, an Indian Air Back flip. 2005 – Pastrana won his fifth gold medal in Freestyle and attempted the first-ever Backflip Barspin on a motorcycle, however the bike failed and he resorted to a regular bike and performed a Backflip Saran Wrap to take a silver medal in Best Trick.

2006 – Pastrana became the third athlete to win three gold medals at a single X Games event. He won golds in MotoX Best Trick, MotoX Freestyle, Rally Car Racing. Pastrana performed the first Double Backflip in competition, scoring a 98.60, the highest score in the Best Trick competition at X Games. 2007 – Pastrana took bronze in Rally after sliding into the other driver's area while inside the Home Depot Center. He was retained his medal, he competed in the first MotoX Racing event at X Games, but did not achieve a medal after two false starts in the heat race and last-chance qualifier. 2008 – Pastrana took gold in Rally and competed in the Speed & Style event, but did not place. 2009 – Pastrana attempted a rodeo 720 at X Games 15 in the Moto X Best Trick Event. He withdrew from his second after experiencing blurred vision, he placed 4th for his efforts. He took silver in Rally after being defeated by rookie and former IndyCar/Indy 500 champion Kenny Bräck. On November 8, Pastrana landed the famous Rodeo 720, filmed it in his newest movie, Nitro Circus – Country Fried.

Once he landed the trick, he named it the TP7, due to the fact that he was 20 degrees short of 720. 2010 – Pastrana won Moto X Freestyle, landing yet another Double Backflip, the first one done at an X Games Freestyle. Pastrana won Moto X Speed & Style, beating silver medalist Nate Adams by a landslide. Pastrana had problems w