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Miss R.D. Congo
Miss République Démocratique du Congo
TypeBeauty pageant
Miss World
Official language
Vodacom Congo & Pygma Communication
Key people
Ministère de Tourisme & Pygma Communication

Miss République Démocratique du Congo or Miss Democratic Republic of the Congo (Formerly known as Miss Zaire) is a national Beauty pageant in Congo.


Miss DRC began in 1968; the pageant was known as Miss Zaire until 1997. The pageant was sponsored by Ministry of Tourism in Kinshasa; the country has competed in the Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International competitions. Since 2009, the country does not exist to compete due to lack of funding and sponsorship.

In 2016 Miss RD Congo Organization set new feature between Ministère du Tourisme, Pygma Communication as the production company; the pageant sets to be a reality TV show.[1]


The winner of Miss Congo (DRC) might compete at the Miss Universe, Miss World or other competitions. It depends on National pageant franchise holder to appoint the winner as official representative of the country. Three queen of Miss République Démocratique du Congo received the highest achievement at Miss Universe; 1972 Ombayi Mukuta (Miss Congeniality), 1985 Kayonga "Benita" Mureka Tete (Second Runner-up) and 1986 Aimee Likobe Dobala (Top 10).
Year Miss République Démocratique du Congo Notes
1968 Elizabeth Tavares Miss Congo Beauty by Ministry of Tourism in Kinshasa — a special guest of the organizing committee in Miss Europe 1968
1969 Jeanne Mokomo
1970 Marie-Josée Basoko Miss Republic of Congo Organization — wore a Republic of Congo Sash at Miss Universe history
1971 Martine Mualuke
1972 Ombayi Mukuta Miss Zaire Organization — wore a Zaire sash at Miss Universe history
1984 Lokange Lwali
1985 Kayonga Mureka Tete
1986 Aimee Likobe Dobala
1987 Mesatewa Tuzolana
1989 Lumeka Mulunge
1994 Grâce Nzeza Mwete
2000 Florence Bandu
2004 Norah Mpela
2005 Nelly Dembo Osongo
2006 Diane Mizuma
2008 Kelly Falco Partnered to Beauties of Africa Inc.
2012 Christelle Mbeni
2016 Andrea Moloto Miss République Démocratique du Congo — Ministry of Tourism and Vodacom Congo & Pygma Communication Directorship

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