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Miss Myanmar International
TypeBeauty pageant
Headquarters Yangon
Miss International
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Miss International Myanmar or also known as Miss Myanmar International is a national competition to select Myanmar's representative to the Miss International pageant.[citation needed] This pageant organization is unrelated to the Miss Universe Myanmar, Miss World Myanmar or Miss Golden Land Myanmar.


Begins in 2012, Miss Myanmar International becomes a pioneer and an independent national pageant in Yangon, Myanmar.[citation needed] Starting from that year, Myanmar has participated for the first time since 1961 in an international beauty pageant as Nang Khin Zay Yar represented at the Miss International 2012.[citation needed]

Before creation Miss Myanmar or Miss Universe Myanmar pageant, the name of pageant was Miss Burma.[citation needed] Myanmar debut in 1961 with the name of Burma. In only 1961 era Myanmar competed at the Miss International pageant.[citation needed] Since 1962 the local pageant has been banned by the government in unknown reasons.[citation needed]



Year Miss Myanmar International Represented Venue Entrants
2019 Khin Ohmar Myint[1] Shan State Taunggyi Novotel Yangon Max 20
2018 May Yu Khatar  Yangon 20
2017 Sao Yoon Wadi Oo Shan State Taunggyi 30
2016 Inngyin Htoo  Mandalay National Theatre of Yangon 20
2015 Emerald Nyein  Yangon 20
2014 Khin Wai Phyo Han (Dethroned)  Yangon 20
May Barani Thaw (Assumed)  Yangon
2013 Gonyi Aye Kyaw  Mandalay Mayangon Township 20
2012 Nang Khin Zay Yar Shan State Taunggyi Myanmar Convention Center 20
1961 Minnie Pu  Yangon Unknown Unknown

Winners by City/Town[edit]

City/Town Titles Winning Years
1961, 2014*, 2015, 2018
Shan State Taunggyi
2012, 2017, 2019
2013, 2016


Year First Runner-up Second Runner-up Third Runner-up Fourth Runner-up
2019 Myo Thiri Ko
Ya Mone Winn
Elena Win
Win Lei Mon
2018 Poe Aeint Zin
Nay Chit Htun
Po Po Htun
Thel Thel Su Nyein
2017 Htun Palal Yadanar
Ei Kay Zin Thann
not awarded
2016 Tin Sandar Myo
Nay Kyar Khin
2015 Thada Maria
Kong Nan
2014 May Barani Thaw (Assumed)
Thadar Mariah
2013 Zun Than Sin
Sweety Ko
2012 Swan Yee Htun
Aye Chan Moe

International pageants[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Miss International[edit]

Year Representative's Name Represented Placement Special Awards
Japan 2019 Khin Ohmar Myint Shan State Taunggyi TBA
Japan 2018 May Yu Khatar  Yangon Unplaced
Japan 2017 Sao Yoon Wadi Oo Shan State Taunggyi Unplaced
Japan 2016 Inngyin Htoo  Mandalay Unplaced
Japan 2015 Emerald Nyein  Yangon Unplaced
Japan 2014 May Barani Thaw  Yangon Unplaced
Japan 2013 Gonyi Aye Kyaw  Mandalay Unplaced
Japan 2012 Nang Khin Zay Yar Shan State Taunggyi Unplaced
  • Miss Internet
United States 1961 Minnie Pu  Yangon Unplaced

Notes : Miss Myanmar International 2012, Nang Khin Zay Yar participated in Miss International 2012 which is in Okinawa. This is the first time Myanmar competed in an international beauty pageant since 1961.[citation needed] The Final was on October 21, 2012; the reigning Miss Myanmar International 2014, Khin Wai Phyo Han did not compete at Miss International, since she did not meet the age requirements stipulated by the pageant. May Bayani Thaw was appointed to compete at Miss International 2014, She is Miss Myanmar International 2014 1st runner-up.[citation needed]

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