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Miss Suriname
Tropical Beauties Suriname (TBS)
MottoUnite a Nation through Beauty
TypeBeauty pageant
Official language
Jermain Tjin-A-Koeng
Chilton Sampono

Miss Suriname is a national Beauty pageant in Suriname.


Miss Suriname was held in 1951 for first time; the pageant was run by Lions International Organization until 1999. Since 1958 the winner of Miss Suriname represents her country at the Miss Universe or sometimes Miss World. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. In 1999 is the last participation of Suriname at the Miss Universe before the local pageant absent to held the contest.[1] In 2007 after returning in new concept, Miss Suriname run by A.P.R.A (Angel's Public Relations & Administration) and decided to send its winner to Miss World.


After a long period of inactivity regarding The National Pageant, The Miss Suriname Pageant began in 2007 by A.P.R.A. (Angel's Public Relations & Administration). In addition in 2007 Miss Suriname collaborated to Miss Suriname, Little Miss Suriname and Miss Teen Model Suriname; the pageant is being national franchise holder for Miss World and Miss Earth until 2008 and Miss International until 2012.


In 2011 Miss Suriname divided to two contests which are Miss Suriname by A.P.R.A and Miss Tropical Beauties Suriname. Both of pageants have different purposes. Miss Tropical Beauties Suriname comes to promote the culture of Suriname and the winner will become a goodwill ambassador of her country; the pageant is also becoming national franchise for Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Supranational and Miss Grand International.

International winners[edit]

  • Miss West Indies
    • 1955 — Greta Nahar


The winners of Miss Suriname represented the country at Miss Universe pageant. In 1959, 1965 and 1981 Alita Visser, Anita van Eyck and Joan Boldewijn withdrew at Miss Universe, due to unknown reasons. Gertrud Gummels is the only one Miss Suriname who placed in the Top 15. Ingrid Mamadeus made a first debut at Miss International 1971 competition.
Year Miss Suriname Miss Tropical Beauties Suriname Universe World International Earth
1951 Olga Tjon En Fa
1955 Greta Nahar
1956 Detta van Brussel
1958 Gertrud Gummels Gertrud Gummels
1959 Alita Visser Alita Visser
1960 Christine Jie Sam Foek Christine Jie Sam Foek
1961 Kitty Essed Kitty Essed
1963 Brigitta Hougen Brigitta Hougen Virginia Blanche Hardjo
1964 Cynthia Ingrid Dijkstra Cynthia Ingrid Dijkstra Norma Dorothy Chin Ten Fung
1965 Anita van Eyck Anita van Eyck Anita van Eyck
1966 Joyce Magda Leysner Joyce Magda Leysner Linda Haselhoef
1969 Greta Natsir Greta Natsir
1970 Ingrid Mamadeus Ingrid Mamadeus
1971 Masrita Danoe Marita Martowirono Ingrid Mamadeus
1972 Carmen Cerna Muntslag Carmen Cerna Muntslag
1973 Yvonne Ma Ajong Yvonne Ma Ajong
1974 Bernadette Werners Bernadette Werners
1975 Mavis Slengard Mavis Slengard
1976 Peggy Van der Leuv Peggy Van der Leuv
1977 Marlene Roesmienten Saimo Marlene Roesmienten Saimo
1978 Garance Harriette Rustwijk Garance Harriette Rustwijk
1979 Sergine Lieuw-A-Len Sergine Lieuw-A-Len
1981 Joan Boldewijn Joan Boldewijn
1982 Vanessa de Vries Vanessa de Vries
1989 Consuela Cruden Consuela Cruden
1990 Saskia Sibilo Saskia Sibilo
1991 Simone Vos Simone Vos
1992 Nancy Kasangaloewar Nancy Kasangaloewar
1993 Jean Zhang Jean Zhang
1999 Serafiya Niekoop Serafiya Niekoop
2007 Safyra Rachida Duurham Charissa Melany Moll Chantyn Melissa Maria Ramdas Safyra Rachida Duurham
2008 Mireille Nederbiel Mireille Nederbiel Priscilla Angracia Yhap
2009 Zoureena Rijger Zoureena Rijger
2010 Jo-Ann Damien Sang Jo-Ann Damien Sang
2011 Sharifa Henar
2012 Stefanie Grace Gentle Periskia Laing Stefanie Grace Gentle Wynona Redmond
2013 Jaleeza Weibolt Janet Farida van Klaveren
2014 Aiapra With Tashana Lösche
2015 Nicole Shelley Tsai-A-Woen Giselle Riva Reinberg Gefferie
2016 Jaleesa Pigot Svetoisckia Safora Brunswijk Kross
2017 Margaret Farahnaaz
2018 Sri-Dewi Martomamat
2019 Farisha Tjin Asjoe TBD TBD



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