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The Missouri Valley League was an American minor league baseball league which operated from 1902 through 1904.


New teams in Nevada, Missouri, Springfield, Missouri, Fort Scott, Kansas, Sedalia, Missouri, Joplin, Missouri, Coffeyville, Kansas, Jefferson City, Missouri, and Iola, Kansas formed and created the new league.

The Coffeyville team, with a 9-30 record, relocated to Chanute, Kansas, where they had a 32-51 record, on June 23.

Team Name Record
Nevada Lunatics 86-38
Springfield Reds 83-40
Fort Scott Giants 80-44
Sedalia Gold Bugs 72-48
Joplin Miners 56-66
Coffeyville Indians/Chanute Oilers 41-81
Jefferson City Convicts 40-85
Iola Gasbags 34-90


The teams in Chanute and Jefferson City folded. New teams in Leavenworth, Kansas and Pittsburg, Kansas formed and joined the league. The Nevada team, with a record of 21-39, relocated to Webb City, Missouri on July 13, where their record was 0-4. The teams from Leavenworth and Webb City folded mid-season on July 16.

Sedalia Gold Bugs 86-47
Springfield Midgets 82-48
Iola Gaslighters 79-52
Joplin Miners 69-62
Fort Scott Giants 71-64
Pittsburg Coal Diggers 39-95
Nevada Lunatics/Webb City Goldbugs 21-43
Leavenworth White Sox 15-50


New teams in Leavenworth, Kansas and Topeka, Kansas, formed and joined the league.

Iola Gasbags 83-41
Springfield Midgets 77-46
Joplin Miners 77-49
Sedalia Gold Bugs 71-53
Pittsburg Coal Diggers 57-64
Leavenworth Orioles 48-74
Topeka Saints 45-78
Fort Scott Giants 36-89

The teams from Fort Scott and Pittsburg moved to the Missouri Valley League. The teams from Joplin, Leavenworth, Sedalia, Springfield, and Topeka all joined the Western Association. The team from Iola, and the league itself, folded.


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