Mister Terrible

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Mister Terrible
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceVillains United #5,
(December 2005)
Created byGail Simone (writer)
Dale Eaglesham (artist)
In-story information
Team affiliationsThe Society
Injustice League

Mister Terrible is a fictional character, a supervillain published by DC Comics. He first appears in Villains United #5 (December 2005), and was created by Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Mister Terrible appeared as part of Deathstroke's attack squad of villains in issue five of the Villains United miniseries, he then appeared in the next issue, throwing a knife into Catman's leg (he was aiming for his heart). Mister Terrible is a parody of the Modern Age Mister Terrific, and wears a similar costume with face make-up and a leather jacket with the words "Foul Play" written on both sleeves, his costume mirrors the original Mister Terrific's color scheme of red and green. When introducing himself, he states that everything he does "turns out disastrous."

In the Justice League of America Wedding Special, Mister Terrible is one of the villains assembled for the new Injustice League. He is later seen among the exiled supervillains in Salvation Run, he further speaks of his powers in #3, stating that he is "kind of a jinx." In #5, he mentions he has weapons called "T-Squares", a play on Michael Holt's T-Spheres. During this event Two-Face threatened to kill him, but he was later shown to have survived, he was seen amongst the villains that escaped the hell planet at the end of the storyline.

He is one of the villains sent to retrieve the Get Out of Hell free card from the Secret Six.

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