Mithaka language

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Native to Australia
Extinct (date missing)
  • Midhaga
  • ? Karruwali (Garuwali)
  • ? Marrulha (Marrula, Marulta)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 rxw (Karuwali)
Glottolog mith1235[2]
AIATSIS[3] L34 Mithaka, L35 Karuwali, L33 Marulta

Mithaka (Midhaga) is an extinct Australian Aboriginal language.[4]

Karruwali (Garuwali) and Marulta (Marrulha, Marrula) are counted as dialects per Dixon (2002). However, Bowern (2001) states that there is not enough evidence to classify them, or even to establish that they are Karnic languages.


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